Why is Beta Xbox1 Exclusive?


Basically as the title says, why is the Evolve beta going to be XB1 exclusive? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having alpha on every system? Also seems kind of stupid that XB1 players get the extra practice before the release.


Only the OPEN beta has been confirmed for the xbox one atm. They can still do a fairly closed beta for the other systems. :slight_smile: not exclusive. Because otherwise they did not really test their updated build of the game before launch.


$ is why. 10char



Because Microsoft prefers to throw their money into denying or delaying other platforms access to games rather than throwing their money at creating more games. :wink: It’s very juvenile of them. If they spent their money positively I might be more interested in an XBone some day.

Personally, I don’t need any more testing or demos to know I like the game. Just need to keep an eye on changes just in case.




Mainly because Microsoft struck a deal with 2K for exclusive access and paid 2K money for it. They are trying to make it seem like Evolve is an Xbox exclusive.

If you look at the latest Dragon Age Inquisition trailer (which Microsoft struck a similar deal with EA) almost HALF the teaser is a Xbox One commercial. The entire teaser is only around 15 seconds and like 6 of those seconds is an Xbox One screen with a price.

It’s a marketing trick to sell more Xboxes. Don’t worry about it, TRS aren’t going to neglect PC or PS4, it’s just 2K and Microsoft trying to get more money. TRS just wants to make a great game for everyone.


This. Companies seem too focused on monopolizing by paying people off than actually making a decent product to begin with. Pretty sad at the state of gaming in general and how this has seem to become the new norm.

It is only “open beta”, so I can’t see it mattering much. They should definitely have some more alpha/betas for PC and PS4 though, as there seems to be a lot of issues as this weekend showed. It definitely won’t entice me to buy an XBox One. Especially when PC’s are leaps and bounds better than a console will ever be.

Unless you work at McDonalds, or want a certain exclusive title, there is no point in owning a console, IMO. I am going to be out of the console side for some time, as I feel it is bringing gaming down overall. We would have much better games if they were built for PC. Instead everything is with consoles in mind, AKA using technology that is 6+ years old power wise.


I love everything you said except for this. It’s holiday time. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Years…so many holidays about to hit. Such an important opportunity to pay very close attention to the work-life balance. Studies have shown that balance is critical to maintaining productivity and keeping talent. The USA is just starting to wake up to the realization that working smarter, not harder, can pay off in droves. Society is changing its habits. You need to have all hands on deck and lots of planning for a big public testing session normally. I’d rather the devs focus on staying fresh with family and friends while creating more maps, monsters, and hunters for us to play with. Those sorts of thing can be very asynchronous sometimes. Another test would be nice, but if Microsoft has it locked up then that’s that.

It is now time for you to learn Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, C++, Java, DirectX, OpenGL, or something else. Even if it’s a simple thing like Panda3D and turning Roaming Ralph into a third person shooter with a cover system (I did this years ago, fun!) any of that helps! Time to make those games! That’s what I’ve started doing. PC gaming has a wonderfully low barrier to entry and very large market. :smile:


It was shown the beta at E3 to be exclusive. The alpha was kind of a way around to give it to everyone i think. :smile:


“PC is their lead skew.”

skip to 40:40


“Microsoft threw wads of cash at us.”