Why is behemoth highly unresponsive after the patch?


everytilme i m in combat and i need to roll it doesn t respond, when i need to climb in combat it doesn t respond, everything is delayed why is that ?


What is your platform and do you have the same issues playing solo?


i m on pc and i guess it also happens on solo but to a less degree


That is odd, I would have assumed it was a latency issue.

@MaddCow or @THISaint - Any ideas?


yeah i would have though the same too but my internet connection is pretty good


All I can offer is to verify your game cache.


Ah this a factor from his melee “bandaid”, you are physically incapable of rolling after a melee, and oft times if you roll to a wall and unball, the server will take a few seconds to recognize you have unrolled, so that part is due to a tad of latency


I can confirm it… Behemoth feels horrible.


itsalways after a patch servers lag crash disconnection bugs glitches i feel like this makes the game worst


It’s to fix his melee roll. Makes him hyper unresponsive and nigh impossible to stick to hunters with.


So now you can’t do a regular melee after rolling? THE FUCK???


No no no no, you can’t melee and then instantly go into a roll, cuz that would be animation cancelling, and thats the whole issue with roll spam :stuck_out_tongue:


Same thing on PS4. Takes it a couple seconds before I can feed after killing something. Doesn’t sneak when I press the button, doesn’t roll immediately either now. It also takes forever before it starts climbing. Probably because each update makes the game worse than it was before.


This. Can’t roll after a melee. I really don’t agree with this- they already fixed roll spam with a cooldown for heavy attacks…


Oh i was wondering why i could not roll after melee, well now i know.
And yes it feels really bad.


I’ve gotten used to it already because I absolutely can not let my baby behemoth down:)