Why is B4B releasing on current gen when next gen is right around the corner?

It doesn’t make much sense to me. Might as well wait for next gen, possibly even a launch title? If it’s anything like left 4 dead, it’ll have a ton of replay value. I’ll feel kind of cheated if they just make it backwards compatible with old tech on a new console. I don’t think it’ll sell as well either if that’s the plan. I want this game using next gen hardware. Thoughts?

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We don’t know if B4B is releasing on current gen since it’s still in development but I’m sure it’ll be released on next gen as well since devs usually have access to the newer consoles to work on games before said console is released.



So see heres the thing. More possibilities arent out of the question. Which somewhat implies that next gen could be possible too. Stay tuned, folks.


Oh my bad I must have forgotten that sorry.


Sounds like they will release it this gen and it’ll be backwards compatible next gen. That’s lame to me. I’m sure it has something to do with $$$. Everything always is about $$$.

Or you know… Maybe because they announced it before the next-gen consoles? /shrug?


Are you stanning for turtle rock studios right now?

Yes they did announce it. And they also could have not announced anything and waited for next gen. So why didn’t they plan for a release on next gen consoles? It’s a legit question.

That’s not even a decision that Turtle Rock would be in charge of. That would be Warner Bros, as the publisher.

Also, you realize you were just talking to one of the people who helps moderate this forum, right?


I always stan for TRS. However regardless to that, my response is logical. I’m pretty sure it’s not a money decision. They could have just told us “It’s for PC” and not stated it was coming to console, but I’m pretty sure that would piss console players off not knowing if it were coming to current or next gen.
I’m just sayin’.

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If your first comment is correct then it is what it is. But it doesn’t make sense whether it’s turtle rock or whoever.

And just because he’s a moderator doesn’t give him the right to have a sarcastic remark on a legit question. I forgive him though. He admitted he was a turtle rock Stan so it is what it is. Am I supposed to be scared because I have a different opinion than a moderator on a discussion forum where people discuss things which includes giving opinions? If I’m scared of anything, it’ll be abuse of his moderation powers because I don’t Stan for turtle rock like him. But I’m still cool with everyone regardless.

I’m sure there’s a lot of decisions and reasoning behind the scenes that reaches the conclusion we have now.

I imagine a major part of it is the idea, hardware, and resources are here now to create the game now, so why hold off until next gen consoles have been released? If the technology available today is able to provide what they need to make Back 4 Blood, there isn’t really a NEED to hold off until next gen is released.

I doubt the playerbase will take much of a hit just because it wasn’t delayed until PS5, etc. was released, either. If anything, I’d think it would have a lower initial console playerbase at launch due to less people owning the new console compared to all the years people have had to buy a PS4 or Xbox One.

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You were just stanning. I forgive you.

Going forward, let’s try to keep responses more chill and less passive aggressive or provocative in nature, please. We’re here to discuss, as you said. :blush:


The only reason they announced it, was because they needed people to hire.

And i’m pretty sure most games releasing in a window that new gen consoles are coming are doing this.There will just be 2 versions easy peasy.They will launch for PS4/XONE and then ps5 and x2 is ready they will remaster the game for those consoles.

That’s not lame.That’s actually…pretty good?Company makes more money which is good for them and us, we have the choice.You can either wait for the next-gen or just buy it and play it at launch.(Assuming thats even the plan)
There is also a guess.What if they don’t have access to the next-gen stuff.The game needs years to make.They can’t wait 2 years for the consoles to launch, then spend 2 years developing the game.
Literally no drawback


I love all of y’all so freaking much u just don’t even know.

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If they remaster it, I’m totally cool with it. That would be great. And I’d shutup. That would suck if they don’t have access to developer kits now. I know they are already making games for next gen now. I don’t know the rules for being able to get a dev kit so I can’t comment about that. I just want the game with next gen power and a crowded community with plenty of people to play with. I feel like if they stick to old hardware, the community will be smaller.

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Realistically speaking, the jump from old-gen to new-gen won’t be amazing at start.Its a new hardware prolly with a new software.No new game is going to look AMAZING compared to the ones we are going to get later.

And pretty sure since as it looks like, everything from PS4 will be playable on PS5 as well, the community won’t have to split up cause of crossplay.

And that especially goes for 3rd party titles.The moment we are going to see difference is a couple of years after next-gen consoles come and 1st-party studios makes games.For example, when naughty dog or santa monica studios(Uncharted Last of Us God of War)start making a new-gen game.

Those are the kind of studios that will benefit the most from next-gen in the early years at least.Games like CoD, BF etc etc will prolly have some updated textures and maybe some frames more.(Again i’m talking about the early years of PS5/XONE)

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If the experience is new, regardless of system it is still a new experience. Perhaps an early adopter doesn’t want to drag out the old system and just wants to focus on the new machine. The experience would still be new to them.

Rather than thinking about being cheated, perhaps it would be better served to just drop inhibitions and enjoy what is in front of you without bias.

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Crawls in from some dark crevice to offer his random opinion from the lurky shadows…

Even if they only release the game for current gen it wont really matter since from what I understand the next gen consoles will be able to play previous gens. If the difference between Current Gen B4B and Next Gen B4B is a few graphics here and there I’d rather just have the game sooner rather than later since the most important factor for ANY game is gameplay (with a hint of focus on Graphics because lets be honest we don’t want to play a game with old school Mario graphics when we could be playing with Evolve graphics).

In short the concern for B4B being released before next gen is released isn’t really merited as you won’t be robbed in the experience of the game in any shape or form. I have faith that TRS will make a great game (tho their partner choices could use some questioning cough2Kcough (to be fair I know it wasn’t really so much a choice with them but more so a lack of options)) so they will be one of the very few devs that I will hold high expectations for when their game is released along with FromSoft and their supposed “Armored Core” title which god damn it they better start releasing some teasers or I’mma go REEE REEE REEE all the way home!

More mentioned the fact simply because it seemed like you were trying to say it as an insult. If that was not the case, then I apologize.