Why in a game centred around teamwork and coop play is there no splitscreen multiplayer?


It simply doesn’t make sense to limit the game so much when it’s meant to be based around teamwork and fun.


My best guess is that the resources necessary to develop and display local co-op would have a significant impact on the overall game play.

The reason given that the game isn’t on the previous generation is:

"The game will be on next-gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and PC only. Ashton said that’s largely because most of the sacrifices they’d need to make to get it running on last-gen consoles would have directly impacted gameplay and balance. You can’t just take out some of the wildlife or flocks of birds, since they’re all a crucial part of the level. (The monster needs to eat the wildlife to evolve, and birds give the hunters a sense of where the monster is hiding.)"

I’m assuming that there would also have to be sacrifices if local co-op were to make it in, perhaps these sacrifices were similar to the ones above and as such it made sense to not do local co-op.


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Secondly, it probably also has something to do that you need 5 players to effectively play the game (4 hunters and 1 monster), so having splitscreen would bring up issues in that balance, not to mention that I’m not even sure how they would split a screen into 5 equal pieces…


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Well you wouldn’t need to have 5 player local co-op, that would just be … odd. You could just have it as 2 player local co-op?


Yeah, but much of the game is focused around how well you work with other hunters on your team. Besides that, 1 Hunter vs 1 Monster doesn’t seem very fair, so I’d say that it would be fairly weird to try and pull off. Unless you are talking about playing with your friend or brother or whatever while online?


The spaces that aren’t filled by players will be filled with AI so there will always be 4 hunters.

If I remember rightly, you could have 2 player local co-op in L4D, although I’m not sure if you were able to play split-screen online, filling the remainder of your team with people in matchmaking.

Granted Evolve seems to be wanting to achieve a lot more than L4D especially in terms of the environments and any cues they might offer you, things that as mentioned above are possibly lost when you try and run split-screen.


true i would love to have splitscreen, and for the splitscreen people will have to be on the hunters side.


i do like the idea of split screen and realize the technical issues with this. i have 5 brothers so one player games are normally a bad choice around my house unless u wanna see the game played 3 or more times through on story mode.


Split screen with system link…two per tv. If you want privacy as a monster, use your own tv…this would require two xbox1s, 3 tvs and 3 copies of the game. not that difficult to do if you have one person that favors the monster side the most. Or with four player split screen and system link 2tvs, 2 xbox1 and two copies monster has their own screen if preferred…I don’t normally screen peek…though if the point a the game is paying attention to detail hopefully that will stop screen peekers with enough going on in their own screen.


really u don’t screen peek? its hard not to and XD
i watch the whole TV at all times so, i find it hard to have such a narrow view on life.
also zombie vs survivor was bad in left 4 dead 2, but i still regardless played it with my brothers cause it was one of the few games that had a different style of offline multiplayer.


If I do screen peek its cause my brother is a camper and a game will last three hours unless its on a timer…I don’t normally though. :slight_smile: course explosions do grab my attention every once in awhile.


Still no official news about this topic is there? I mean did they answer it at pax east?