Why I will not be buying Evolve, even though it looks amazing


I was really excited about Evolve when I started hearing gameplay details during development, and was certain that I would be purchasing the game. That is however until I read that they are requiring a season pass and the amount of DLC they are going to push. $15 for a monster? $5 for a hunter? What’s next? $25 horse armor. I understand that pushing DLC makes these companies more money, however I as a gamer refuse to support games that push DLC so much.

I am not alone in my opinion towards Evolve either, theirs nary a gamer that I know that wants to buy the game once they heard of all the DLC. I would happily buy the game if the DLC were made free, but until then this game will join BF4 among the games I won’t buy because I don’t support the business practices of the producer.


So you were going to buy it before DLC? Why did this change your opinion? You still receive the game that was promised years ago, with everything that was promised.


So then lemme get this straight… you like the game, you like the gameplay, and you like the price… Yet you’re not getting it because of something optional? I don’t understand how that makes sense.

It’s like not buying a car because the salesman is giving you the option to buy a bunch of decals.


I don’t see the problem. There is a ton of time and work and money that goes into DLC. You can’t just make it cheap for the players. Plus, even if you don’t have those monster/hunter DLCs, you can play with people who do! Not only that, there’s a chance you can play those characters! Furthermore, map DLCs and mode DLCs are completely free! Have you done your research?


Forgot to include in the original post that the season pass requirement was part of what put me off.


Please explain what you mean.


What season pass requirement? Looks like a straight $45 game to me.


all i got to say from this is goodbye and best of luck


This is so true!


TL;DR don’t buy it then.

There’s already 100 threads for this as well. Thanks for searching to see if there was one :smile:


See title.
Scan for word “DLC”.
Find it.
Wonder what you were expecting.


Kill me…





I had seen the season pass on steam (hadn’t read it). I assumed it meant that youust have a season pass to play. My assumptions with the purchasable hunters/monsters was that they would be better in many ways than the “free” ones to incentivize buying the dlc.

And to the poster who said it took a lot of work to make the DLC. I find it hard to believe that they put in enough work to make each individual monster worth $15. It might, might be worth it if they had monster packs.


Think about all the hours it takes a team of people to complete a single monster x the amount of money you have to pay every single said person. $15 dollars is not a lot of money for something that probably takes at least 30 people 3-6+ months of development time to complete.


season pass is not required.
You get 3 monsters and 12 hunter all game mods and maps (present and future to come)
All new monsters/hunters are supposed to be as strong as the current.
You CAN play against the other monsters/hunter even if you dont own the dlc.
hope this cleared some of the confusion for you

As for the cost a developer said(on stream) it takes more than 4+ months to create a new monster


Soo, you will be going to an icecream stand soon enough complaining on how they are selling the optional sprinkles with the icecream yeah?


Perhaps “free” was the wrong word to use. $15 just seems rather steep for a character to play as, my assumption was that the DLC monsters would be better than the normal ones.

This could just be that I saw that they are introducing so much DLC and assumed that it would make the game similar to BF3/4 in that you either grind through dying a load of times or buy the thing to be on the same level as other players.


Please note that every monster takes about 11 months and $300,000 to create. Also, as many people have stated, ALL DLC IS OPTIONAL. Also, all maps and game modes are free. They made it like this so the DLC will not decide the community. You can play with and against all DLC characters, just not as them if you have not purchased them.


Ah OK. I’ve come to expect from games developers like EA and Activision that DLC exclusive characters/items/season pass equates squeezing every dime possible out of the player base. You certainly corrected some of my (now obviously incorrect) assumptions.