Why I think the community and r/evolvegame tear apart their own


I share videos from time to time for my own personal benefit and enjoy doing so cause I mean someone might appreciate it and other gamers may get interested.

I do so on YouTube and its kinda pathetic how we downvoted, slam, dislike videos people post on YouTube or anywhere else.

I posted a video of a great match where we used Kala’s portals like a boss and caught the monster going stage three and clutched it. I’m not skilled by any means but I got 4 dislikes and 1 like on my video.

In the description I mention how we have a great community with great players trying to get new players to show interest in a game I have enjoyed and would love to see people play…

I suppose I’m just salty but damn. Let’s show each other some love and less hate when they are posting so everyone can see how good our game is. Otherwise we’re just going to keep pushing people out of Evolve…

Rant complete


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