Why I think dlc characters on release seem so unbalanced


So think back when tier 4 hunters and broken hill maps came out. All the tier 4 hunters seemed overpowered and many still believe sunny and torvald are. All these characters have had major nerfs after release to make them more balanced. Now why were they so unbalanced to begin with well I think it was more to sell them rather than a mistake in development. If a character comes out and seems better than the rest than it encourages the player to purchase them. The broken hill maps were designed around behemoth to give him an edge that way you think he is the best monster when really it is just purposeful design. Broken hill foundry has those multiple floors in the center which for gobbie are no problem he scans through all of it but daisy has a really hard time traversing up and down. The new maps also made orbital and dust tag limited which again made sunny look like someone you needed.

Now Kala is coming out and I’m worried she will be super overpowered or at least extremely frustrating for the monster. I think the teleport gates seem like something that will be easy to abuse especially if you just wanna run out the clock on the monster. Says there is two hunters left and the monster starts beating on the relay. They can shoot him off and if he or she decides to go in the direction of the shot the hunters can just teleport a mile away and waste the time. I also think the armor piercing beam will really punish monster in this scenario since again do a little guaranteed health damage then every one teleport to god knows where and repeat.

Now yes it is to early to say if the teleport gates and armor beam thing will be as bad as this. However given that when tier 4 came out and were made superior just to sell them I think she will be purposefully made this way so people buy her. I mean most people I talk to think sunny is the best support which if all TRS is thinking of is sales then making Kala potentially better than even her will cause problems.

This is pure speculation and I do enjoy evolve but I don’t trust the devs that much. The game was buggy as fuck on launch and still suffers many bugs. They sold a ton of dlc saying all maps would be free to keep player base together but we have only got two hunt maps which are arguably the worst in the game.
Yes we got adaptations and I like those but they aren’t enough to make me overlook the bugs, crashes, bad design and just greed.

Sorry for the long post and for being so negative. Again this is just speculation and my opinion. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts but keep a open mind please. Remember you can like something and still acknowledge it’s faults.


Crow wasn’t OP and Slim wasn’t either. I think those two characters, Torvald and Sunny, were just hard to balance. They did rather well with the current characters, Jack was only a little broken, Lennox wasn’t very good for awhile because she was so hard to play, Emet is still being figured out and Kala is yet to be fully digested.


I’m not saying all of them were OP. However the new maps were designed with favoring crows tracking over say daisy and abe. If abe is trapper than eat boxes of food. If maggie well abuse the terrain. Also yes Kala isn’t out but I was saying the past suggest she will be broken but time will tell.


Lennox was never under or over, yet she got a nerf after a month(?) or so. It’s simply a matter of people learning the ropes and figuring it out with tier 5, imo.
Tier 4 was a bit wonky and seemed rushed, but that’s the only reason I see them being unbalanced in a sense. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that…[quote=“crustyinferno, post:1, topic:81406”]
The game was buggy as fuck on launch and still suffers many bugs.
They’re fixing a LOT of bugs with the upcoming patch when Kala is released, if my memory serves me right.

We have an arena map, which gives us a fun easter egg! I agree though Broken hill was kinda meeeeeeh… I did like Foundry, but only for immersion.

Also in regards to DLC;


They reduced her AA damage by 5 I think.


They reduced capacity or reload. I don’t remember a damage decrease at all. It was basically a nerf for the sake of nerfing because people complained


Well I am mostly referring to tier 4 when the game was still fresh and more likely to sell dlc. Lennox is fine Jack is defiantly really good but I wouldn’t say overpowered but idk. However I think they want to take advantage of the recent spike in population and sell this next character by making her overpowered.

As for those free content stats well 100% of maps free is just 2 hunt one arena.
Free monster is just meteor Goliath and hunters are the variations. It is easy to make numbers and percentages look better than they are. Again just my opinion.


Yeah, they needed her radius on the Thunderstrike and increased it’s reload time.


Well, taking your opinion into account, my opinion would be that they are not so greedy after all. They make challenges for us to earn free DLC (We have one this weekend, cool Goliath skin!) - And on top of all that, 2K handles the pricing, not TRS’ devs. :slight_smile:


Oh, thunderstrike got one too? Completely missed that.


Yeah, it was in a later patch. They also increased the reload time on the AA.


Fair enough like I said just speculation. I still stand by it.


Thunder Strike
Recharge time increased to 18 seconds (was 15)
Reload time increased to 4 seconds (was 3)

Found it

  1. If 2K being in charge of the producing and Evolve in charge of the development is to be taken as literal as developers on these forums have stated (sometimes as excuse, haha), then TRS had no say in the selling of these characters and as such wouldn’t know to make it OP on purpose.

  2. Players will always do more testing than developers and even the employees paid to test. That’s just how these things are.



Its unlikely that kala will be to unbalanced on account of how balanced tier five has been so far.
Also,in contrary to your theory, behemoth during release was recognized as being particularly weak and buggy.
All in all, i just feel that your theory seems a little to conspiracy like, although i understand why you would come to the conclushion that you have.

As for the broken hill maps, i will say that i am indeed in the minority since they happen to be my favorite maps to play in as both monster and hunter especially when i use all the elevation changes to escape my oponents or use the terrain to my advantage. I also like how there is a little building of to the side of broken hill foundry that is emanating faint music. I still need to figure out why people dislike those maps.


I am just look at it from the view point of how can I get the most money out of evolve. Evolve on release was terribly broken now sure it was a matter of being rushed but as the consumer that isn’t my problem. I buy something I want it working. It took them along time to get it at a good state at least on xbox and problems from day one are still there and new ones still show up. Gorgon came out and is buggy as hell but who cares we got money.


I do think they’ve done a fairly good with gorgon since it was released. They did fix its traversal animation as well as that wierd teleport jump thing and i dont have to fear falling through the ground as well.
Also speaking of day one bugs. During the stream, it was mentioned that there will be so many bugs fixed next update that they wouldn’t have enough space on a single page to list them all. On acount of this, im wondering if they have all of the remaining launch bugs taken care of.


I recently fell through the map so that still an issue. Game crashes all the time for me and everyone I know. Gorgon wall pounce may still be broken and Sometimes using mimic you will teleport where the mimic dies. Sure they say they are fixing lots of bugs but all that makes me think is man this game has so many fucking bugs. I’m not asking for completely bug free but the amount is still absurd.


It seems that i may just be a bit lucky as far as gorgon goes. The unfortunate bit about the bugs as well as the nature of programing is that once a bug is fixed, you can end up with an entirely new bug to worry about that was created by your patch.
On that note, here’s to a successful removal of bugs!


Well your theory is pretty not well founded. You base it on primarily Sunny + Torvald who are both extremely complex and had a long time to be balanced. T5 has been very well balanced so far but I’m still skeptical on Kala.

My predictions on all other DLC characters have been fairly on point so I fear for the Mad Scientist…