Why I Stopped Playing Evolve

Being obsessed with evolve was good while it lasted but it’s over if you ask me. Hunt 2.0 should’ve been there from the start. I mean it’s bad now and it was bad then but it’s less bad now. I still wait anywhere from 10-30 minutes to find a game before I give up. But if that wasn’t bad enough you guys really screwed up making it easier for hunters. Sorry more than half your community is straight trash at the game (I would know being an undefeated goliath on ps4) but that gives no excuse to give them more strengths with this update. If you watch tournament videos for evolve; where the top tier players of the world are pit against each other, the hunters almost always take the cake. So clearly the games more hunter favored, which makes sense seeing how to pull together a team of four cooperatively working teammates is harder than one really good solo player on monster. It literally takes mistakes for these MLG hunter teams to lose (meaning the best monster against the best hunter team - the only way that monster is going to win is if the hunters make a mistake) which more often than not they do, like any normal human would. But at higher levels they don’t which is why I say the game is hunter favored, or atleast it is at higher levels of gaming. If you watch tournament videos the monsters are always caught in the dome by the SKIN OF THEIR TEETH almost every successful dome is accompanied by the monster leaping, rolling or flying into the dome’s wall just as it’s coming down - that’s how hard and close you had to be to catch a top tier monster. So I ask you; why in the hell you would decrease dome drop time from 3 full fair seconds to ONE… Why? because your community is mostly trash at the game and couldn’t catch monsters most of the time. I saw this with my own eyes in public match after public match, trappers always throwing the game away due to bad skill and high level monsters not being able to get caught. So you gave them the advantage with the most important thing in the game, domes :smile:

As if favoring hunters wasn’t bad enough you started to count losses for people who disconnected from character selection lobby? Are you serious! First of all why does the monster’s vote count as one when wanting to skip a map? A restart I understand but a map selection? That should ALWAYS be a neutral agreement between both sides, but it’s completely one sided for four hunters to indicate what should and shouldn’t be skipped. Dumb. So when I’m forced to play on Broken Hill Mine a map CLEARLY intended for BEHEMOTH gameplay since Turtle Rock used this map to only preview the new rolley polley monster’s ability to use small corridors and one ways to their advantage, something NO other monster can do, you expect me to use kraken wraith or goliath on it? Kraken needs SPACE to fly Goliath needs HEIGHTS to leap from Wraith…lol you expect me to touch that crab-style gameplay alien rip off? Thanks but no. I’ll stick to Godzilla and Cthulhu. So I quit, in the character selection lobby of Broken Hill Mine, a behemoth favored map with a power relay dome exploit you can use to pin monsters up against the relay trapped by the dome’s walls and shoot to death while they’re stuck in place…and it counted it as a loss…that’s where I stopped playing evolve. And don’t say I’m an upset monster player. When all you play is Sunny and it takes an hour to pull a team that cooperates together or convince your friends to get online then you ask yourself the question, is this effort even worth the fun? Which is why I became a disgusting monster player, because I’m tired of bad teammates or patience to find good players.

My suggestions

  1. Monster skip map vote counts as 4 instead of 1
  2. Increase dome drop time back to 3 seconds
  3. REQUIRE PLAYERS TO HAVE A WORKING MICROPHONE IN ORDER TO ENTER HUNTER MATCHMAKING (lack of communication between teammates is ruining this game, lack of communication is what brought dome drop time from 3 seconds to 1 to help lack of communicating players have an advantage)