Why I Love Playing Against Lazarus


So balance wise it seems a lot of people think Laz is the second or third best medic. However, I’ve never really disliked playing Laz the same way others do. Here’s my reasoning.

  1. It is really easy to get someone down. Healing is so minuscule that if there isn’t a Hank around you should be able to get someone down very quickly.

  2. It isn’t that hard to keep someone down. The excepjon here is trapper. If assault is down, body camping is really easy because frankly only bucket will do enough damage to shock you. If support is down you aren’t catching orbitals to the face or having damage doubled or sentries or mini nukes. If medic is down and you have health you’ve basically already won.

  3. You don’t have to body camp. Laz needs to be right next to a body to revive someone. Attack Laz, push him away from the body. If he cloaks, you only have to attack the body for about 8 seconds before you can attack Laz again. Laz should never jump over you and Rez the body. Quite frankly, most hunters don’t realize it is better to pick someone up and take a strike then try to have Laz get them up while being attacked.

4.Laz doesn’t do damage. Nuff said.

  1. Laz doesn’t have spore clouds: I hate spore clouds.

  2. Laz will revive me if he kills me. I know I’ll have another shot

  3. You can eat and move bodies. If you play behemoth. Just chill on the body and attack until you rock wall. If you’re wraith, abduct the body far away to a better position. Just remember that you have options.




Reference to the drop ship convo or endgame wuote where Laz talks about reviving a monster.


I can write a book on my hatred for Laz. None of my points have to do with his power level either. He’s quite easy to beat. My hatred comes from his design amd what he does to the game.


Laz is the easiest to be countered

All monster have ability that can reveal laz

You can kill assault … no one will damage you

Once laz is dead … the end of the game

Val hank / slim - hank are harder than laz

Hunter can stay a life for long time with val / slim


In Hunt he is pretty easy to counter but in Arena Mode a good Laz is annoying but i still love him as Medic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Laz is a joke as soon as you reach the point as Monster player when you learn to track a cloaked Hunter.

He’s great to play. I’ll take his unique, risky playstyle over the boring “point-green-stuff-at-teammates-24/7” -playstyle any day.
The only problem is that he changes the game rules so drastically that he kind of demands a toxic playstyle from the Monster to be countered.

Flee-til-3, hit&run and relay cheese are all very effective against Lazarus.


Body camping is getting a nerf in TU9, so GL till then.