Why I hate Wraith


No, not OP. Not UP. Nothing like that. Plain boring to play against a Wraith.

I just got done with a 46 minutes match, yes, 46 minutes. It spammed decoy whenever it could, and would eat, come back with decoy and attack when the timer started going down. We did a lot of damage but it was just so boring. Please stop spamming decoy, you’re having fun; no one else is.

We lost, and I don’t mind losing if I had fun. This was just fucking boring.


Yeah, I really don’t like Wraith players who do that :frowning:


A 46 minute match shouldn’t be possible. The max should be 40 minutes. Do you have a picture?

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Nope, sorry. I don’t know how to screenshot but I’m dead serious. The timer was at 15 seconds but it had recharge speed (I’m sure of it), and the decoy did all the work. It was constantly close to us, hiding then right before the timer went down, decoy.


Why I hate Wraith: Shes literally 50% limb. Good luck dealing meaningful damage if you’re using bullet weapons.

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Why do I hate Wraith? It’s truly hard to put it into words. Lets just say its the only character I groan about when I see it come up on the screen.

Look someone chose Wraith…Again!..And Again!..And Again!..And Again!..

Aaaaaand now its time to do something else. :smirk:

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Wraith is fun to play just not like that although for future reference you don’t shoot decoy and don’t let it hit you and the timer won’t pause

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Time stops during engagements, remember


Yeah but it’s been confirmed by a dev that the cap on the timer is 40 minutes, meaning the timer won’t stop once it reaches the 40 minute mark.

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You could have not shot the decoy. That means the clock doesn’t stop. Just kite it around, very easy to do since the decoy is stupid.

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Really ive went a good bit away from 40 a few times. I guess they changed it since the last time

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46 minute matches are impossible. It ends at 40. It always has to the best if my knowledge, soooooo… ._.


I’d still rather face a decoy spamming wraith than a bloody Kraken, any day.

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That aside, 3 in Decoy and the CDR PERK, not even the buff, will give you an almost permanent cloak. .-,

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A Decoy Wraith is pretty much a guaranteed win. Just a boring one.

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Hardly. I’ve beaten my share of them.

edit: I took it outta context >_>

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I meant for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your main man has a bit to do with that. Keeping her on fire means you always know where the real one is.

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That is true. I’ve always wondered why people told me Hyde sucks against Wraith- he really doesn’t… >_>

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I’d rather have Hyde than any of the other Assaults against Wraith. Unless I KNOW our Assault is a good Parnell. But most aren’t.