Why I don't think wraith's mobility is overpowered


So, a big complaint about the wraith is how easy it is for her to escape a dome.

Instead of taking this into account for strategy to beat her, everyone just cries because they think that the Dome should win the game for the hunters.


Each monster has a strength to help fight off the dome. (even though every monster would rather NOT get domed.

The goliath, for example, counters dome by having a ton of armor. If done right, he can escape after a dome (or kill the trapper) without taking a ton of HP damage, or any at all. This can of course be countered with a co-ordinated team raining fire and harpoons strategically

The Kraken, has the advantage of flight. This is arguably most useful during dome fights (his traversal sucks lets be honest). Flying gives him the ability to avoid a lot of assault damage, and do his own pinpoint damage to try and take down the trapper. This of course is countered by harpoons and Abe Nades and Tranq gun.

The wraith, on the other hand, counters dome by being domed as little as possible, and trying to hide when she IS domed. In order to escape a point blank dome, a couple very specific conditions must be met. First, the wraith should have all 3 charges of warp, as well as not having warp blast on cooldown. Not very challenging to be sure. Second, the terrain must be favorable. The wraith needs straight LoS to the edge of the dome in order for her warp/blast combo to escape. Any sort of cave or canyon fight and she is busted. Third, she must not be harpooned, or naded, or tranq’d. Any of these effects will severely hamper her escape.

All in all, the wraith has a very strong counter to being domed, but it can also be countered by strategy and co-ordination with your team. Just like all the other monsters


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