Why I don't think evolve is Hunter favored


So it’s pretty common for people to say that this game is Hunter favored at high levels and monster favored in pubs. I just want people to consider this.

First let me start by saying I’m not high level. I’m a silver expert monster and a silver skilled Hunter. I do however have about a 70% win rate as monster overall and an 85-90% win rate with wraith and behemoth. I don’t just pub stomp either I pretty regularly beat silver masters and experts. It just takes a lot of games to level up.

I wanna start by asking what indicates a Hunter favored game. Is it win percentage, damage data (meaning specific values of abilities), or is the general frustration of not being able to get a single strike on a Val Hank combination.

I want to ask the upper silver and gold players, not you bronze destroyer monsters what your overall win rate is. I also would like to know what it is in your best memory against those of similar skill level.

I think the unbeatability of Hunters is thought of because of the immense success of a good monster. Good monsters win about 80% of their games. Frankly, they aren’t used to losing 2 in a row.

Also, Id like to point out that a silver skilled monster likely isn’t at the same skill level as a silver skilled Hunter. A good Hunter might only win 60% of his games. This means he would more frequently lose points. Essentially a Hunter likely plays more games to move up rankings. People who play more are generally better.

Lastly, while it is possible to win with many comps. Most monster losses come against Val and Hank or sunny. Kraken can most easily deal with it. However, to base balance on the very most powerful Hunter comp and monster is unfair.

Thanks for reading
Thoughts please


My thoughts on Evolve is that it isn’t exactly Hunter or monster favored. Experienced Hunter teams definitely out match monsters with coordination and skill (except for Kraken) while mediocre to experienced monsters usually stomp casuals. I personally enjoy playing this game casually and must say I understand what you mean by the game isn’t Hunter favored. This however is hard to fix without handicapping one side. You can’t nerf or buff monsters to be more viable for one side without hurting the other side. It’s just how 4v1 works in my opinion.


Console: Monster favored
PC: Hunter favored


You were silver skilled 2 days ago

Let me say something

If match happens between ideal hunter vs ideal monster

The monster will not have any chance … the monster will literally not do any strike

Hunter mistakes / the variables is what makes the monster win in the first place

Monster skill also help

You haven’t face good hunters … play against silver monster elite + … that don’t do a terrible mistake … I promise that you will have different conclusion

As you climb up … it’s will be much clear that hunters have the advantage


The meta is Hunter favored, that’s just plainly factual, one’s viewpoint of the meta is opinionated and subjective and therefore cannot be proven wrong.

In the end a good Hunter team VS a good Monster team, the Monster will almost always lose if you consider all factors at play.


What platform do you mean? PC or consoles?


I think on console its almost balanced but on pc its a pain for the monsters against good hunters.


Wow I didnt even realize this.


Dude you have a whole thread to complain about how much harder you think PC is. You just created it. Be free!!!


Consoles but I don’t think its a huge deal at the top.


Yes but you created here your own with a different message but all belongs together, so the answer is the same :wink:

When you write: “Why I don’t think evolve is Hunter favored” -> This statement belongs to your plattform, I think its console! And yes then I agree with you! But many people will not agree with you cause the world on PC looks different.

Maybe write: “Why I don’t think evolve is Hunter favored on console” then everybody will understand and will not “destroy” you :wink:


As both a console and pc player i agree with you. Controllers will always be a bit harder to aim with than a mouse so playing as monster is a lot more forgiving on consoles.


Alright I agree that it belongs on this too. But do you believe that hunters are more accurate when we’re talking about the best on both.


On PC at the high end of play it’s hunter favoured. For me as goliath player I typically lose most of my health at S2 for a strike and ideally get the hunter on the dropship to then armour up and try to win or dropship rotate. That’s why flee to 3 is so popular but even S3 full health + armour you’re not guaranteed a win as much as you probably should be with that much health.

Don’t pay any attention to win rate. You might think you’re not pub stomping but you are. Just because they’re silver master it doesn’t mean they play together as a coherent team and if they do it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better or worse than you. This is why tournaments can be useful to see what the balance is like but even then only with the better teams.


Teamwork, cooperation, and a mic. Without those a monster will have a highly success rate. That’s the reason why most righ-ranked monsters say so, is because they are fighting a team using mics/friends.

This is more likely in pub/bronze hell. Too easy for a Kraken to target a medic.

Hank and Sunny are defensive. Cabot, Bucket, and Kala can’t offer any protection to a medic, making medic an easy down. If medics would get higher self-sustainability you would see Cabot, Bucket, and Kala more often.


It’s not balanced on consoles… Hunters have an advantage. I’m playing a lot of Goli lately and even when I flee till 3, I still have trouble landing strikes on good hunter teams and its painfully hard.


No, you’d see hank even more often because downing the medic would be ridiculously hard


But offensive squads make up for downs with damage. A monster against a Cabot loses their shield in about 15 seconds if they have to focus someone and they aren’t kraken.


It doesn’t really matter because even if its kraken they are still gonna lose armor unless they go ranged mode attack the body.


Unless a nerf comes to Hank. Hank would be the very reason why medics are where they are now. Without him or sunny, other supports would need too much slack to pick up, thus giving them or medic a buff.