Why i didnt go founder status


hi guys im sorry for writing this here but i realy dont know where write about this problem i just never write to any de or anything like that,but i didnt got founder status even if i purchase game with almost all dlc…Please answer me or send me somewhere where i should solve that problem or even ask me for details :)(sorry for my bad English)


What platform did you purchase dlc on?


i purchase all on pc


Are you using a family share plan or do you have more than one account?


no,i dont.



thx,ill check it if will be any problem i write again :slight_smile:


so no i dont have for strange reason…


Odd, okay can you please get your ID 64 by entering your steam username into this site


I’ll tag @Gertz to help because at this point I am at my limit of being able to assist.

Good luck!


well and how is this supposed to help me can u explain me? :slight_smile:


You’ll need a developer to help you, so please sit tight and they’ll pop in when they can.


so i just have to log in across steam right?and nothing else?


No, I’m saying you’ll need to wait for a developer to contact you.


there to this tag or how i think i didnt got all XD


They’ll be able to take a look at your steam account and confirm that you should have Founder status. :slight_smile:


well ok,so i should check “not receiving founder status?” attentively(i just didnt got that first time)


Yea, just keep an eye on this topic. :thumbsup:


well i just got from that i should click on that website(https://steamid.io/) and press here my username but it tells me after website dosent work did i got sometinhg bad?


Site seems to be down. Please give it a couple hours and try again.


well thx,just u know i realy want to get this status,bcs it worth money…