Why I cherish every moment in Evolve


According to wikipedia:

David Hume’s problem of induction simply states that our justification that using the uniformity of past experiences or occurrences to buttress the predictability of future occurrences rests upon a false notion. For instance, sure, for practical reasons, we may predict that the sun will rise tomorrow knowing that it has already risen on a daily basis for millions of years, but this is at best an assumption.

Then there is another issue:

The Omphalos hypothesis suggests that it is indeed possible that a God or an advanced alien civilization might have created only this moment of time, in a way that makes it seem as though the universe has existed for billions of years, where in truth, the past has never existed, and the universe may have been born just seconds ago.

Because of the Omphalos hypothesis, I may never know that the past may have existed.

Likewise, in conjunction with the Humean induction problem, we may never know if the future can be said to exist. It could be that the Omphalos god has made it such that only the present exists.

Therefore, the only thing that I can be sure of is the present, and not the future or the past.

This is why I cherish every passing moment of the present in Evolve, knowing that the past and future may not exist.


Even the bugs? :smiley:

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