Why i cant reply or create new topic at evolve bugs section

and can some one check my topic on cant buy perks.

its really frustrating. i cant access shop at evolve stage 2

what should i do. and why is this happening. am i doin something wrong?

no more updates, no more bug fixing, no point in allowing it

try to delete your my2k cache

There is no longer a bug report section, by now we must report our bug findings to 2K support, as TRS no longer works on Evolve. :confused:


TRS are no longer working on Evolve which means they can no longer process bug reports and suggestions. So the bugs, suggestions and patch notes categories are now set to ‘read only’.

You can report bugs to 2K as they are the ones in charge of it now.

2K http://support.2k.com/1


^Danks for the links, I’m on my phone and working atm :smiley:


Same with suggestions…