Why I believe that TRS can make Evolve a wonderful game through gradual patches and continued support


Even though the launch of the game did not go as expected, but then when I had a look at the list of people working over at TRS, was noticeably impressed by the cast of elite professional employees they have there. Have a look:



According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtle_Rock_Studios , Doug Lombardi once worked for TRS, which means that TRS probably inherited the skill set of this legendary programmer, who designed the Modern Warfare series before the take-over by Activision.


Then, of course, we have Macman, the legendary co-founder of TRS, now known for his cordial and active interaction with the Evolve fanbase here on the forum. Macman is known to have an IQ of 183 on the stanford-binet 3rd edition.


According to the Mega Society website (http://hiqnews.megafoundation.org/Definition_of_IQ'.html), Keith Raniere was said to have scored an IQ of 242 during his childhood, so we really have a very competent programmer here.


Now I was absolutely shocked when I heard that TRS contracted Terence Tao to program for the upcoming patches. For those who do not know who it is, just do a google search for his wikipedia profile. We have one of the youngest Ph.Ds (at 15) who is working alongside TRS for our future patches, and he has an IQ of 230.


Known to have scored a perfect pre-1994 re-centering score on the SAT (1600/1600 was a 1-in-a-million level back then), this hulk of an intellect has now been contracted to work for TRS to help with future patches and has an IQ of 195.


A quick search on his LinkedIn account shows that he has attended countless universities (up to 50) non-stop since childhood. The world’s 2nd most intelligent man. And he is working for TRS as a graphics and map designer for upcoming patches.


With multiple Ph.Ds in medicine, biology, physics, engineering, philosophy, psychology, and 5 other basic degrees, Evangelos’ role in TRS is limited as he is the consultant to which TRS bases the biology designs of the monsters on.


Then we have another ex-child prodigy in physics, who has been contracted to help TRS program future patches. With an IQ of over 260, he can solve any problems that Evolve has.

With this extremely spectacular team working for TRS, I have absolutely 100% confidence that Evolve will become a great game in the coming future patches. Of course it is already a great game, but it will be the greatest of all games with the best minds on earth working in tandem together.

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I actually never knew this, im impressed.


Where do you get this info from?


Welp I dont really believe any of this other than the macman part, but I do believe that Evolve will just keep getting better and better with every patch.


When they finally start releasing them lol


Battlefield 4 was terrible when it came out but now they’ve turned it into one the best games I’ve ever played.

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Well they wanna patch as many things as possible and add a new way to patch, they also have to wait to certification which takes a while and is holding up the pc patch. When they add the new way to patch they should be able to patch much more often, or at least those are the words of macman


Right now they are still testing though. I do not think the next patch will be subject to the Xbox certification wait time on PC. I hope not anyway. I am on Xbox and think it is nonsense that everyone has to wait just because of us.


Dat IQs


Everyone on this list is smarter than Einstein……yeah.


And that is what is going to happen to Evolve too.

Can’t wait for the patches!


Should send them to figure out moar physics/useful stuffs instead of making a video game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Einstein made the atomic bomb,I feel like these guys would make a living Goliath.


I really hope so. I’m hyped for the patches

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what the OP seems to forget is that while macman may have a beard and a beanie in pictures, he also has a million+ dollars in the bank; so while you picture him as the hippy buddy you take bong rips with; he’s actually more gated-community with a butler and mexican gardener/maid/nanny.

We’ve already seen what gradual updates have done to this game, as in, no updates at all soo far (on pc). It’s kind of a slap in the face that bugs that have existed since before BETA, are still present 1 month after release.

trust me when I say, macman is more busy counting his money than caring about your concerns.


Is this even real lol


Lol right?! Sinkholes, Ukraine wars, resource damages, LACK of resources… But hey, they’re developing awesome Dune Beetles! :smiley:


You seem to be obsessed about IQ, I noticed. I don’t think anyone pays a lot of attention to that.
Also, most of your threads are presented with titles in the style of university papers. I see an influence of that in your approach to the game. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just noticing it.


I think TRS can be said to have upheld its promises at this point of time.


I have never been impressed with IQs. I’m supposedly in the 140s according the test I took eons back in grade school (They tested me because the school thought I was autistic). My wife’s brother is supposedly 180 and I can outsmart him and out think through just about anything and he always comes off as kind of dumb. He is one of those people that is so smart they kind of just become stupid again. You can be the smartest man in the world but if you cant apply your knowledge logically to anything then you arnt going to get very far.

I’m not saying TRS cant by the way as I have high hopes for anything they do and complete trust that they can continue to make this game more and more amazing with every patch.