Why, how and have fun


Ive played the game since alpha and i played in almost all betas and i even pre-ordered the game. Ive loved the game trough all the years and while i havent played it as much as other veterans (found some other games :frowning: ) i always now and again came to play and always had a great time. And now that evolve “2” is out…
Im on vacation for a month with no pc that can run the game
TR why
Also hows the game now? Ive seem some gameplay and reviews, but i wanna hear what other veterans think. From what ive seen i love the entire game even more now since its better balanced and especially the new perk system looks awesome.

As a last question, we domt get to keep monsters except for goliath, but what about skins and behemoth? The skins i got from special events and pre-order and same goes for behemoth, but do i need to unlock him now?
Regards radicator


You don’t have to grind to unlock anything you already purchased. :slight_smile:


Ok, thx for the quick reply :slight_smile: