Why haven't there been any community challenges in a while

I have played this game since day one, some of you have probably played against me. And I got used to there being a community challenge about every two weeks, but I haven’t seen one since patch 2.0. I was wondering if there was a reason behind this, like the matchmaking errors or have they just stopped?

There was a community challenge to get ranked almost two weeks ago, last week was the community tournament.

Hmmm, I must not have seen. I’m so used to going on the forums to check and I didn’t see one posted. Thanks. Ill keep a sharper eye out

Hopefully there will be a new one this weekend…

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I hope so too. I probably won’t be able to participate this time though. Had to pack up my gear while we move house. I hope everyone can enjoy another challenge soon though, even if I can’t be there. :blush:

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