Why haven't I received the Goliath Voodoo Skin?


The article on the website sad you needed to play between the following dates:
Between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, April 10 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, April 13.

I can see in my Evolve app “my replays” that I at least played 3 matches (can’t see further back in history):

  • 00:30 4/11/2015 as Torvald
  • 00:55 4/11/2015 as Kraken
  • 12:53 4/11/2015 as Goliath

When I now play Goliath there is no Voodoo Skin in the customize option. Do I need to retrieve this reward somewhere?


Can you disconnect/reconnect your 2k account? That works for some of the skin issues.


Thanks for your reactie Shin, I will try that tonight.

I also miss the skin for Maggie from the companion game. My final rank was around 2600 and i redeemed the reward in the mastery tab. Hop the disconnect/reconnect will work for that aswel.


If you experience continued issues, please contact 2K Support!


With all due respect Jess, 2k support is awful. You have to tell the the same information multiple times and in the end they usually just stop replying. Many of us have simply given up on getting things done with them and just live with problems or come to the forums for help from the community. :frowning:


Well, the community tries to help where they can most of the time. But even still, they can’t fix all of the problems. Too bad that so many people have problems with 2k…


I disconnect/reconnected my 2k account af few times. I got the skin for Maggie now from the companion game. But it disappears sometimes and then i have the reconnect my 2k account again…

But i haven’t seen the Voodoo skin yet…

I will try the 2K support.


Jess I’m also missing the voodoo skin and my predator skin for crow, I contacted 2k about both and even contacted them the day before the voodoo skins were even done being distributed(Wednesday) they told me to wait till thursday for skins to be finished distributing then contact them if its still missing, so I contact them after wednsday and get the response “We can not distribute skins after the events have passed” Even though they told me to wait until the event is over.
I tried to reply to them after this and am being ignored.

Something needs to be done about 2k


Goodluck 2K told me “we cant distribute the skins after the event has passed”


They told me to restart my PS4… and ended with:
Hopefully eventually you will receive the skin. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Are they kidding me? Hopefully?

I restarted PS4, reseted PS4 licenes, reconnectd my 2K account. Nothing helps.

I never seen my Voodoo Skin. I used the Maggie companion app skin once, but it is gone now. And the predator skins are also most of the time not available. Got no issues with the Magma skin tho…

Hope they fix the skin issues soon, won’t be buying new ones until they do.


Sounds like the 2k support isn’t any more than a forum moderator. o.0

Might try reinstalling the game. Sucks, but I had to do it for my predator skins. I’m on a PC though.


Wow. Is this really what they said? Literally the only time the skins are distributed is after the event. I hate 2K Support (really support in gaming in general) - there’s nothing quite like someone trying to be overly, aggressively nice while telling you they can’t help you and subtly blaming you for problems you didn’t cause.


they helped me now but you have to get lucky and get certain support people, one that goes by cho said they dont distribute after the event, but one by the name Victoria actually helped