Why hasn't the drop ship been upgraded yet (lore wise)


Anyone else think it’s weird the drop ship hasn’t been outfitted with new gear to help fight monsters? By this point you would think they would have added a few turrets or dome deployers. I get why from a gameplay perspective but lore wise you would think they realized just how stupid powerful the monsters are and called in support or got someone to come to them to refit their gear. I mean heck why not have a deployable Bucket UAV head that ks remote controlled from ship. This whole scenario seems like one that humans would out think and out gear in a relatively quick time based on the scale of the threat.


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Swooping in here before Matthew, but doesn’t Griffin say that the Monsters keep getting better until they ultimately win, growing anything they need to win? This is total silliness, but what if the Hunters fight them so the Monsters stay only big enough to beat them specifically? It be scary to see Monsters scary enough to bring down armed Dropships on a regular basis


They are trying to build a patterson drive, to outfit the Laurie-Anne to handle faster then light travel. They are essentially cut off after the planet was evacuated.


Well, lorewise the hunters have only been on Shear for around 2 weeks or so which isn’t long enough to fit turrets onto their ship.


So they also have no way of communitcating with other worlds either? I imagine someone not under monster siege could be called and bring in tbe cavalry or a large armed force of space to surface weaponry. If not this seems an awful lot like some Umbrella shenaningans here…this isn’t the future in the RE universe is it? With equivalent convulted bio weapon plan hatched by insane company?


Ya. I assume they also need paterson tech to get communication out and back preferably within a human lifetime. These are lightyears of distance that we are talking about here.


Thats the beauty of sci fi though. They can just make something up to have it work. Like Mass effect relays or the warp in 40k. It is all down to what the writer decides they wanna go with.


What I have been wondering more of is where are the new hunters besides the base 12 keeping their stuff? All the originals have cubbies. They should get some too dammit!


The Evacuation lasted five days, after which they were stranded on Shear without any contact with outside sources. In those five days they didn’t get it upgraded likely due to time constraints and because all the nearby facilities were busy. After they were stranded, all their efforts for upgrading the ship are going to a Patterson drive, which is sizable enough that it would add several decks to the ship.

And yes, @unhappycupcake is probably right. One conversation raises the point of whether they should send more hunters on drops, but decide against it because the escalation of force would see the monsters respond in kind until there’s no way for the hunters to win. Arming the dropship would likely make the monsters see it as a threat and they would take action against it.