Why has TRS never commented on Chase comp? (Question answered)


I have a problem with chase comp; and it’s not because it’s OP.

It’s binary.


You have a stage one evolve ready when the hunters find you and you get a down on Sunny through sheer wizard skill during the first engagement…


You will die. Period.

If one or both of those conditions are not met, the monster has usually lost.

@MacMan, @Insane_521 @TheGuidance, please throw us a bone, here.

You’ve previously stated that binary choices and outcomes are something you attempt to steer clear of in the contest between the two teams.

Is there any reasonable explanation why you’ve allowed chase comp to create this binary division of the monster playerbase for so long, or for why TRS spokespersons seem to dodge the question whenever they dain to address chase comp to the userbase?

(@Chloe once said on stream that monsters who struggle with chase comp should just “I dunno, use strategy I guess.” :smiling_imp:)


I think Sunny getting her 3rd nerf is unneeded but hey to each their own


It is something that we’re taking steps to solving in the next balance update, and will be working to further improve game play for both Monsters and Hunters with these characters in future updates.


They have stated that the chase comp will be tampered with next patch, as well as FT3.

@Insane_521, damn developer ninjas! :sob:


Holy lightning replies, Batman!

Haha. Thank you for greeting my fresh salt with frank and simple info.

Respect, man! :sweat_smile:


It’s alright bud, I totally understand the frustration. We’re all gamers here :slight_smile: I think as things are moving along stuff like this is going to keep getting better and better. :+1:


I love the conspiratorial tone here.

Nice to know it’s being addressed however.