Why Hackers will be punished even if TRS takes no action


I know that a lot of people are angry over some hackers who are abusing game mechanics, and are wondering if they will ever be caught.

Well, here is the good news: even if developers do nothing about them, they will get their punishment in the end.

Here is why:

Q: What are near-death experiences?

A: According to wikipedia,

Normally, when a person dies, several possibilities happen:

  1. A person who dies before his or her intended end, maybe due to an accident, may be temporarily caught in limbo, where he or she refuses to move on. In the case of suicides or murders, the spirit may not be able to accept the occurrence, and may therefore be stuck in the mortal plane for a while (from minutes to centuries, normally just days).

  2. A normal NDE will entail a person being pulled into a tunnel where a light (a small fragment of the universal mind) welcomes them.

  3. For an evil person, he/she may skip this phase and enter a realm where everyone around them are exactly like them, for a period of time, until he/she is ready to move to a higher plane.

Q: So how are NDEs relevant to hackers being punished?

A: For most people who go through the 2nd type of NDEs, they will experience the following:

One of them is the life review, where their life gets replayed out to them in every second. This includes the effects of every action of a person, including how others will feel if they were harmed etc. So if a person is a murderer, he or she will feel the perspective of the murdered, and their indirectly harmed relatives and friend.

This is the law of karma:

Above: During the life review, every action is seen in the light of everyone involved through shared memories using telepathy. This means that all the good and evil actions are made known after death.

Therefore, hackers who abuse game mechanics in Evolve will, during their life reviews, be replayed the scenes of all those players that they have indirectly or directly caused inconveniences and negative emotions. This means that they will get their punishment in the end, even without TRS’s intervention.

Even worse is that in future lives, according to NDEF.org:


“The law of karma demands that we meet every bit of our karmic debts. However, an even greater law exists, the law of forgiveness. If we wrong someone and that person forgives us, when the day comes that we approach God, we realize our memories which are incompatible with God, but forgiveness removes the barrier of separation. The law is so precise (what one gives one receives; no exceptions) that if we begin forgiving others, we begin to receive forgiveness upon ourselves. Unless, of course, we refuse to forgive ourselves.”

This means that in future reincarnations, a hacker will have to repay their karma by either:

  1. Live a future life where it is arranged that he will be grieved by a hacker.


  1. Live a future life where one becomes an anti-hacker.


  1. Live a future life where he/she is given a choice to hack, but must overcome that temptation to hack as part of self-karma

That is why, all hackers will be punished during their life reviews and future lives regardless of whether TRS takes action or not.

Above: a crude sketch of how a life review will look like, though in actuality, it will be far more intense, where EVERY second gets reviewed like a book in holographic form.


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This post is clearly well thought out and comprehensive, but I think I’ll stick to my own interpretation of reincarnation. Hackers will be reincarnated as flies or rocks and either be zapped, squashed or crushed.



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Where is the “several” possibilities?

How about hacker is hacking, and after end of his life nothing happens?

How about Great God of Anticheating who will punish him in his deepest circle of hell which is reserved for hackers?

Or how about Great God of Science who will punish dudes who believe in fairytales?


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