Why Grizzlemarine gets those views compared to evolve's playerbase?


I mean, i’m happy for him, i’m actually subbed to him, i like his videos… but why 20k+ views for evolve videos, and the actual game has 300players+ .

really, can someone explain to me what the hell is happening. (i whish there were 20k ppl in evolve crying inside)


You could ask him. @grizzlemarine

Why is this a problem though? You may not have meant it that way but your post comes off as a bit negative.


I think he’s just confused given the low player base and number of views he gets.


Some people like watching instead of playing?


First, there are more than 300 players on all systems.
Some people may not play much anymore but they like to keep up-to-date on the game in case they get back into it. Plus, I’m sure lots of those people subbed to him while they still played and so they get a notification when Grizzle uploads a new video and they check it out.


yes maybe the title of the post is a bit off compared to what i meant. but you got it, that’s all that matters :joy:

yes i know but sum, how many are they? 5k total?

not even close to 20k.

i thought the same thing but videos get more than 20k, over evolve’s maximum players peak (27k for less than 1 week)

those should be some big hints to the devs.
that maybe players want to come back, but at a “cost”…


Some people may watch the video more than once, too.


that doesn’t count as “viewed”


It does if you watch from a different IP address.

Also, all these numbers you’re throwing around are only Steam charts.
Xbox has arguably had the highest player base since launch, and Grizzle plays on XB, too.


i know im just saying, they’re not just “numbers” by their own. those should get devs to think.


I love grizzle marine he is the #1 channel for evolve
He fully supports it.


Well, like… Grizzle has 19k subscribers.
…So I can see where most of the views probably come from. Just sayin’.


just to be clear once again. this post is not about “why grizzlemarine has X viewes and subscribers?”

this post is about why grizzlemarine, who makes great videos about evolve, has more views than the actual players in-game?"

these are 2 separate focuses


If I understand the SteamCharts correctly (where I think you get the 300 number), it counts the players in a certain moment (mostly in every hour), so currently the past 30 days peak was 774 which means at worst scenario there are 774 players though it would mean they are hell dedicated. It is more likely that an avarage evolve player plays roughly 10 hours per week so the avarage 354 player in an hour should be multiplied as such=> 1week=7 days=168hours => 168/10=16,8 this is the multiplier (if we say an avarage evolve players plays 84 hours then it would mean 168/84=2 because then less players could produce the same number). 354*16,8=5947 neary 6000 active player though this is a highly estimated number + given there is xbox and PS4 with nearly same numbers there is nearly 20 000 active players, offcourse, everybody plays in different time, so in PC in an avarage hour there are 354 players.


@GrizzleMarine You’re being summoned.


You just answered your own question then; he makes great Evolve videos.


actually BEST* scenario there are 774.

it’s so estimated, that you didn’t notice on steam charts, there is the full statistics with graphics from when evolve came out, to today. 6k players in the steam charts records, are present only 3 times and they are player peaks (february 2015, march, 2015, september 2015)
your number is highly unreliable sir.


People who are interested or looking up the game on YT will also have a very high chance of coming across his videos, too.

Grizzle also shares his videos on Twitter and brings people in that way.


i know how youtube and social medias works, it just seems impossible to me, watching a guy that i follow playing a game that i left cause i dont like it.


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