Why Evolve is one of the best games in a while


It has the three types of gaming elements that make a game great most games are tailored to a specific element but combining the all three is hard and evolve did it perfectly.

Improvise- Is one of the gaming elements I’ll tell you how it works for evolve for both sides.
Monster- I am perfectly safe eating me a three meat snack stage three full armour im goliath ain’t got no problems holy moly orbital strike harpoons dome tranqs and 4 hunters shooting the living crap out of you. You have to improvise you were not ready somehow you gotta kill all those hunters but how? You gotta improvise.
Hunters- You guys are just chilling when one of you guys are getting chomp on by the tyrant and then a Golaith/Kraken appears you are ambushed one of your men are being chomped on you are getting nailed by the monster you have to find out what to do in that time of panic.

Practice- Is one of the gaming elements I’ll tell you how it works for both sides.
Monster- You gotta practice are those hunters are always gonna be killing you. Have to practice same for the hunters in evolve there will always be different kind of hunter’s and monster’s and those different type of players will excel in some areas and plummet in others you are gonna want to keep on playing and practicing to become a great player.

Plan- This is probably the biggest one for evolve
Monster- You see the 4 hunters in a group who are you gonna target first? How are you gonna start the fight? you have analyze the entire group in seconds to find out to target.
Hunters- You see the monsters are you gonna start firing like a idiot or wait till the team is ready and then give the monster everything you got.

Evolve is great and I can’t wait to play it October30th-Nov2nd TRS did a great job I hope you guys keep up the great work.