Why Evolve is deserted?


You are so right sir.
I am sorry I really don’t know how to express my thought now.
I might need time :smile:


I sooo dislike that video because it has a LOT of false statements -.- Opinions aside, some things are simply not true with what they say.


its old = lacks developments and people demand new feelings and emotions from their games on a constant basis. (its on a subconscious level based on your brain chemicals)




I mean, if evolve counts as old, then this list could be like…several hundred games longer lol.


Agreed. Just gave a few examples of the most popular ones that immediately sprung to mind.


It really feels like CSGO has been around since the beginning of time,


I’m saying with the public perception of a “game” that receives zero development will have a really hard time ever catching on again because it is seen as an old/dead game.


Why the quotes?

Also, many old games that have ceased development still have small dedicated communities. And evolve stage 2 is no exception with still a hundred or so active players on steam(last time I checked)


200ish+ average. It honestly depends on the time of day you play, you can find about 150+ on average on the off-times, you can find 300ish at peak times.

Thousands instead of hundreds.

I’m in the same boat. Let me just state this now: I adore Evolve. I still do, I think its one of the most unique games that I’ve ever played, and fun at that (for me at least), despite its - at times - rage-inducing gameplay.

FUCK YOU SUNNY Anyway… you get my point. As far as development is concerned, its finished. We can go in circles all day about what TRS did wrong, and what they did right, but at the end of the day, they made a good game, and while it has its flaws, the end product was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t agree with some of their design directions, but who didn’t. The world isn’t going to agree 100% about what you make changes to.


I think you’re focusing too much on the half inch it didn’t have, rather than the near-mile it did.

As it stands that’s the closest video to the truth that’s out there. He didn’t go into it to spread misinformation, like the others.

The story won’t ever be 100% correct, and even if there is one, the damage has been done.

And Behemoth*


As it stands, TRS is by far the most transparent developers that I have ever come across.

Blizzard, more specifically the OW team, ignores their forums and have kelder-level of broken heros, and they call it a success when in reality it’s a failure.

Then Bungie… and the trainwreck of D2. “We made a mistake, we’ll do better” -proceeds to not do better.

TRS at least learns from their mistakes and recognizes them, and I dare to say that they won’t turn into the monsters that are EA or Activision.


Possibly but my point still stands. You could have a Ferrari covered in shit, you can point out there is still a Ferrari in there, but it’s still covered in shit and what most people take away as opposed to the truth (Ferrari) I’m not saying he didn’t do work, but the amount of incorrect facts mires a lot of his good intentions.

Case and point read the comments that all agree with how things (That aren’t true) were handled. Thats the problem. Its still feeding misinformation and people take it for truth/fact.




I regret nothing.


Shame that such a good game failed like that!


Honestly, I found it very stressful playing as the Monster, but still a good game nonetheless