Why Evolve is deserted?


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Unfortunately Evolve is a Meme now because everytime it gets brought up people will refer to how it died, kind of like how Destiny 2 is managed by devs who are out of touch with what players want and how Battlefront 2 is the hot meme for hating on it due to the loot box controversy, but the only difference is those two games have AAA backing so they can take another chance at a sequel.

I’m glad TRS is working on a new game and even better a new Coop game, I liked Evolve but it needed to be laid to rest. TRS is capable of making a great game, but there efforts are better put into a brand new franchise than trying to keep Evolve afloat.


Makes me remember that once I met a player when Evolve had the x10 bonuses a week after, this player said in the chat “if I don’t get the x10 bonuses again, I uninstal the game”. All I wanted to say to that person was “Ok, go on. Uninstal the game if you want, that’ll be a whiner in less”.

For me, it’s not only 2K Games that should be blamed, it’s also a big part of the community for their bad opinions about the game. Remember when I told that some players makes me peppered?
The players made permanent fun of Evolve, whined about the games’ single flaws, created cheats (in which I am witness), cared more about hating the DLC while they could’ve ignored them while playing, etc…

2K Games abused the DLC system, it made the players blind in their hate so they kept blaming instead of playing, the player-base then instantly dropped for that reason, less players means less interrest in the game for the players, then S2 rose but people then immediately left because of the mechanics beeing unproperly done (because lack of time and budget I guess), the game improved itself after time but players didn’t dare to play again because they bet the game did not change, :goldkey: are introduced but players got flashbacks of the day 1 release, then 2K pulled the plug with fake news behind (development complete while it’s in fact in BETA and the devs still had work on paper) and now we are back with a player-base of more or less 200 players per day…without any update and news for the game since an entire year.


2K just strikes me as very irresponsible and seem very likely to saddle devs with impossible expectations.

The whole Evolve thing would have been easy to solve if you could “earn” all the characters and Monsters through gameplay, but you just had a 20 USD VIP Pass to “get all monsters and Hunters at once” and get a bunch of shiny gold skins that you need to maintain VIP status with to keep using.

Then when Deepest Dark comes out… everybody gets that new campaign and there is a new set of challenges/feats whatever to unlock say the Super Gorgon and again you can get her instantly if you own a VIP pass.

it should have been so simple…


The REAL reason?

Because MOST players didnt find evolve fun for long.

IMO evolves biggest problem has always been its skill floor. Its extremely steep- Especially for hunters, which compose 4 of the 5 people in a match (And then the tables shift big time, once the hunters “git the gud”, the next skill floor to reach for monster is very high). It took a LONG time and a LOT of practice to simply wrap your head around all of the complexities of the game- let alone even begin to perfect any of it.

The result was a game where the majority of matches were one-sided ROFL stomps. With the monster typically obliterating the hunters before they could even really do much if any health damage, or hunters who stomped the monster into the ground with few if any strikes at all against them.

It led to a very frustrating overall experience for a lot of players.

A lot of people tried to blame the “dlc shit show”, but IMO this was largely just a scape-goat. Yea it sucked to most gamers- understandably, but i have a hard time believing gamers would have left “cuz muh moralz” if theyd been having enough fun in the first place.

I think if another game like evolve ever happens- Special care needs to be taken to help ensure that games at least APPEAR to be close, through some kind of hard-game mechanics, without actually prohibiting whoever was supposed to win, from winning.



This x1000000000000

The difficulty and lack of training for players (aside from that tutorial which effectively just showed you the buttons) is what stunted this game more than anything else. The playerbase was HUGE when the game first launched, but no one knew how to play. For anyone who still plays (or remembers) quickplay on legacy, you’ll know that the solo experience is horrible unless you have at least a competent Trapper & Medic (also remember that it was way harder to dome at launch).

In that sense, I think the various youtubers who reviewed the game (and sucked) were pretty representative of much of the core audience. It literally was a running simulator for the vast majority of players.

The game is hard, which is great for a certain type of player who really wants to look online for ways to improve; but for the casual gamer who has multiple options and is often looking for a quick shot of dopamine, the pay-off of Evolve was often too far out of reach.

Funnily enough, I was having a conversation with friends recently about what I’d do if I won the lottery - I’d probably try to buy the IP of Evolve and hire people to fix bugs in Legacy and do everything I could to set up a strong training/campaign mode (plus fix a couple of bugs here & there).


The short answer is it’s too frustrating!
Look at Dead By Daylight its an asymmetrical game as well but it’s never really frustrating even if you lose!

Too many nerfs for hunters. Not pro hunters will get rekt against average monsters!
On the other side monsters get rekt by pro hunters!

They countered these problems by dumping down all gameplay mechanics in stage 2!
In my opinion Evolve concept is perfect but marketing, dlc and balancing killed the game!

In the current state of stage 2 the game feels like a scripted game.


For me I quit for about a total of a yr and a few months mostly because of balance updates honestly I got tired of seeing hunters being nerfed over and over because of people who really don’t play the game or monster mains who struggled with that specific character. I never cared about DLC or bugs/glitches. To see some saying no ur wrong when they have 200-300 hrs of game play against someone who has 1300-1400 hrs (I got more like 1700 now) isn’t good and people just agree yup it’s OP or nah git gud. There was so many of those people on here doing that the same as how much they love Evolve but don’t play with the excuse “well it’s dead” or some even think their to good to play I could say try me. But I mostly think it was skill floor to in a way but people just not wanting to play because it’s not ez to play. A side note I recently played a little a bit on PC and realized how much more responsive it is a the graphics are way better idk if that might have something to do with some people’s ideas and aiming much easier too.


One key issue with EVOLVE is that it does seem easy to fall into a perception that the game is intrinsically unfair. And it has a tendency of feeling that way as a match progresses.

For example:

Match start: 4 VS 1. It can feel unfair for Monster because: “there’s 4 of them and one of me”. it can feel unfair for Hunters because: “Well there’s 4 of us… but the big guy we’re up against can kill us in 3 hits or something and I don’t know these randoms so I don’t trust them too much.”

As the match progresses, the skill floor variance mentioned by @Sidewaysgts comes into play. If the Monster player is particularly good, or just one or two Hunters are off-kilter or are just learning the game, it can all go South very quickly and the Monster appears too powerful. Add to that the frequent introduction of new Monsters towards the end of EVOLVE S2 and you have the very real prospect that some moves may have been imbalanced.

The same occurs on the other end. Monsters that lose in the first dome frequently become discouraged and being a Monster player is a lonely existence. As soon as the first dome drops and a Monster is on the backfoot, a rematch in a dome cage is just around the corner and it becomes very apparent that the Monster player’s mind will now be preoccupied equal parts with trying to avoid dying and also feeling like they are being ganged up upon.

The end game of matches is also particularly hard to take. In the attempt to allow for more clutch situations in the form of Dropship timers and the Monster having a ton of armor and life… what it instead really does most of the time is create situations where suffering is prolonged.

Usually Final Domes are tragic affairs that hold the same tones as death scenes from the film PACIFIC RIM. You (Monster or Hunters) go down usually in a sadistic and torturous display of CGI death and mutilation and the matches end with no sense of partial achievement - You just WIN or LOSE and there is no gains to be made emotionally from playing unless you win. There is no accounting for “significant strikes” or other forms of achievement to allow players to still feel like they somehow got on even if they didn’t win.

At that point, you may be emotionally inclined to feel the game is broken in a fundamental way. It takes a bit of quiet time to realize you’ve probably won as much as you lost. But alas… in the heat of the moment it is hard sometimes to reflect properly.

The aftermath is players come to this forum and find threads about “Monsters OP” or “Hunters OP” and vent their frustrations, which perpetuates this negativity cycle when another match starts and the Asymmetric viewpoint opens its trap again for players to feel the game is intrinsically unfair.

I talk about my proposed solution to this here:


We forgot to mention the time where people could easily download hacks to force the game to either increase the output damage drastically, allow infinite clips, shoot through walls, fly freely and erratically, teleport pounce, instantly kill the hunters or the monster, etc…

This issue fuelled the honest players’ disapointment towards the game (in which I believe everyone can understand). I say that because I met a cheater today in Evolve and it remembered me of that era where the cheaters started to spread like a disease and then the ban wave started late.
Not only it cleaned the game from those awful cheaters, but because they were many, it made the player base chrunk quite a bit.

It didn’t give much impact though, some even made alternate accounts to play again I remember, some learned their lesson (would be surprising though), many didn’t. But even of that, players kept fearing of meeting cheaters again to a point that they left Evolve deep in their library.


Thankfully I was only ever on the receiving end of these hacks all of about two times in pubs.

Super frustrating though. Especially when they start talking shit lol


Yeah, mostly when you see them writting or saying something like “buy skill” (he actually said that) just for the pleasure of showing their lack of empathy.


Thank you for this wonderful and wholehearted reply.
I really love your skeptical opinions about all that has happened on Evolve.
Just as you have said at the end, as long as we love a thing, it is all that matter.
We love it, that’s all.


because its old.


I’ve been dealing with idiots a lot lately so idk if you’re being sarcastic or not- but I’ll go out on a limb and say that you’re not.

As much as I love Evolve, I’m not blinded by said love. I’m critical of it because it certainly had factors that contributed to it being a failure aside from launch. When the game went F2P during Stage 2, it brought in more than double the launch players, however it still failed. If the game failed when people didn’t have to pay a cent to play it, that shows that there were outside flaws with the game, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.

In order to have the best relationships, you need to acknowledge the bad just as much as the good, otherwise you get caught up in the good and when the bad peeks through, it causes problems. I still love Evolve dearly to this day, but I admit that it wasn’t refined in both the gameplay and the course of the game’s existence.

It’s too easy to push the blame off onto the devs, the publisher, or the gamer playerbase, but in reality it was all 3 combined. Thus it was a freak storm but It’s one of the best that I’ve got to experience and I regret nothing about spending almost a thousand hours in the game.

However there is no sense in beating a dead horse, I’ve moved on but I won’t forget the experiences that I’ve had while playing this game. I encourage others to do the same.


No sir I have no mean to do any sarcasm on you.
I just honestly agree with your ideas.
For a long time the majority discussion and opinions I have seen about the failure of Evolve were all centered to attack one individual point.
differently, you didn’t choose to stand on any sides. But to have your own opinions of this event.
I simply like this.
And,I know I sound stupid sometimes. But that’s all I know and able to express using my own word.
Sorry for that.


Then I want to state that I’m sorry for accusing you. It’s just that when working with idiots the lines between sincere and sarcastic have been blurred.

I’ve a very understanding person, so I recognize each role everyone had in the flop of Evolve. Choosing a side is just selecting what blinders you want to wear. I chose not to wear any blinders, and so I see that while I do adore TRS, I can see that they didn’t take the optimal path that would have lead to a more successful Evolve. I see that while gaming is a really cool culture, sometimes mob mentality takes over and people stomp on logic. Then while it’s easy to pin down the publisher as the main problem, they are really only the representation of the society that the west live in: capitalism. Maximizing profits, etc etc.

The reason why so many people pick a side is because it’s the easiest road to take. Most don’t want to dive into the mental-theory-crafting that is needed to see the puzzle from every angle.

Some have come close, like this video:

Thus I try not to get too out of line when talking to other about it, as I know my ideas and opinions aren’t the correct, they are just the most critical.