Why Evolve is deserted?


Not somebody, a whole lot of toxic and trollish people.


What is the purpose?
Just because of jealousy or something similar?


Hating on evolve is popular so it’s safer just to make fun of it. Kind of like a “guaranteed laugh” of sorts.

Most people didn’t bother reading about it whatsoever after they perceived it as a “bad game”.


They did this… .both figuratively and literally.

EVOLVE’s Pre-Release hype for the game was up in the stratosphere. Then the game launched with the now infamous microtransaction approach. I think the game launched with very few characters and only one monster(?). Basically 2K gambled that EVOLVE’s hype was big enough that people would pay to get all the other Hunters and Monsters and the base game seemed little more than a demo.

This eventually led to EVOLVE’s player base and hype evaporating almost overnight.

A couple of years later they try a new direction: going Free to Play.

But I think the game never recovered its fanbase, or maybe it was, but word was spreading too slowly. 2K had a tepid Marketing effort in promoting new content or trying to get news out that EVOLVE had changed.

In the end, it appears 2K has decided the online shooter space is just a market it couldn’t crack and gave up on EVOLVE.

My take: Turtle Rock could make a proper sequel to this game and it would work - even with DLC - as long as they worked out what a proper full price base experience was before going into DLC additions.




Phil Robb got in front of a camera two weeks before release to help hype up the game. One of the most publicly well known devs for Evolve itself, co-founder of TRS. And he said “i understand everyone is concerned that DLC will be a problem. I promise you our only DLC will be meaningful. Only Hunters and Monsters. Any new maps, game modes, title updates will be free.”

The game released (with, by the way, Tier 1-3 in the game, T4 heavily on their drawing board at the time and T5 nothing more than concept art) and what did motherfucking 2K do behind everyone at TRS’ back? Right there on the steam page over $90 of skin DLC. Skins.

So everyone who took one look at it and thought “this’ll be a DLC machine” went “guess i was right” and INSTANTLY hype fell flat and everyone pulled out.

For a comparable situation, though not exactly the same, take a look at Star Wars Battlefront 2.

As far as I’m concerned or ever will be concerned, it’s 2-fucking-K’s fault. They’ve burned me as a customer for life.

And there’s not a whole lot that makes me fucking salty but 2K and what they did to my favorite game is right up there.


After we lost the Dev team, some of the hardcore fans still played for months. But it is dying slowly, I have felt it.

There are still customs games but these are not easy to get into if you are a new player without experience, because most of these players have 500+ hours online.


Got you bro.
I feel very sorry for that,
when one could only see his favorite game go dying everyday.



How the EVOLVE launch unfolded back in 2015:

Basically boils down to: “2K took too many chances and was way too excited.”


Which really irritated me because it gave a wide variety of player-friendly options for purchase and just doing that made people wary. Even though it was intended to ensure everyone knew exactly what they were buying at any given point, pre or post-launch.


Well as RAINBOW SIX SIEGE crosses 25 million players, I think we have to consider the following comparisons:

  1. In R6S, all content save for VIP exclusive skins was attainable by grinding.

  2. R6S was simpler to understand. A 60 USD purchase that got you “everything but with some grinding” and a 20 USD VIP Pass that “unlocked everything instantly + 2 or so VIP Skins + Thousands of in game currency”.

People didn’t complain because they also thought they could game the system. Buy a season pass one year… buy everything they want and not get Season Pass next year. But R6S always had new content. So there was always a reason to get Season Pass to stay ahead.

Those who relied on it for all their access to characters and gear found that the Season Pass just became more and more worth it each year as you got VIP access over multiple years of content but still for the same 20 USD.

A happy situation mostly.

There was no hard pay wall that kept characters or maps out of reach. R6S maps were all free and all characters and stuff could be bought with an in game currency

EVOLVE was definitely a missed opportunity.


Maps weren’t out of reach. But I get what you mean with the character thing. (I’m shifting from Legacy here because you’re not wrong with your assessment. I have nothing to add to the Legacy conversation that would be useful)

Personally I think what stopped Evolve Stage 2 from being a success is how long they waited to put out their paid currency, Gold Keys. Also the 10x price jump for items that cost silver keys. I think maybe they should’ve tripled SK cost and that’s at most, where I’d have been more comfortable with double.

On the flip side, S2 Gold Keys should’ve been available from the start because combing GK release with SK increase in price is what made people think “oh look same old DLC machine as last time with a different kind of chrome finish”.


I personally complained about how 2K was just not putting the word out about events/content like Deepest Dark or the release of Ice Behemoth.

They just did one big Free-to-Play announcement and assumed things would correct themselves. And then when things didn’t turn around magically, they just evicted TRS and released a statement that amounted to claiming that EVOLVE didn’t represent the quality of games 2K makes - which was very ironic considering how good the core game was.

In contrast, Square Enix actively pushed HITMAN even when the start was shaky, and when the board decided HITMAN had to go because its Marvel Comics deal would demand too much resources, Square Enix not only allowed HITMAN developer IOI to buy back its own freedom, they also allowed IOI to take HITMAN with them.

That is what a good publisher does.


Oh and Square Enix went from Profit to Loss because of IOI’s exit… so you know… it wasn’t easy for them. They are a world apart from 2K.


2K seems like they belong with EA on the publisher spectrum. If it weren’t for me genuinely enjoying a few of EAs titles, I probably wouldn’t shop with them either.

I have a lot of respect for a large portion of the gaming industry in general so it takes a kind of cascade failure of bad decisions for me to dislike even publishers who just want to make money. 2K’s definitely up there, Activision grinds on me, and EA seems like they’re tilting dangerously into 2K territory.


No, Tiers 1-3 were live, and T4 was in the content pipeline.

Not overnight, but it decreased each day afterwards, and settled out at 2k max players.

Because the core of the game didn’t suit people’s interest or retention. Usually you could still tell if the game was lost due to the first dome. Clutch games were rare, and both sides felt immense pressure. Monster focusing the medic? Medic became a difficult role. Likewise with support.

That also showed in S2, where the # of players was nearly double that of legacy launch. It swindled because people still saw the core of Evolve, and it simply didn’t fit the casual style.


It still could’ve improved enough to actually work if players weren’t heavily discouraged by the price increase coupled with the introduction of the paid currency. TRS was heavily working on improving the game to an enjoyable level and listening to the community as often as possible. Stage 2 didn’t suffer huge losses until everyone found that SK was too hard to farm to buy most things at anything less than 8-hour days and GK was suddenly their only option.


Yeah, it’s a combination of all reasons.

However the twindle started after the release of S2 (some left just after trying out the game) and it started on it’s track of losing players again. If I look at the steam charts, I don’t see a huge drop as your point would suggest.

It certainly helped with the downfall, but wasn’t really what caused it. The GK problem happened when most of the new players left, and it happened in September.


Except it never clicked with the general player base since launch, TRS spent a good amount of time trying to change, update and rebalance things and kept doing it when F2P landed. The obvious problem was the core gameplay and the issues associated with it was something people weren’t wanting to deal with and the problems were incredibly complex to fix in a short amount of time and only had minor improvements in the end.

It’s much easier to just work on a brand new game than trying to solve Evolve’s complicated game balancing issues and mechanics.


I don’t want to be that guy but I’m super curious, is that on purpose? Cuz either way it’s making me laugh.

I shouldn’t say my reasoning was the “sole cause” but it really nailed it home because for a while there it was going kind of back and forth, where some players would show up and a bunch of them would leave, repeat in kind of a slow downfall, then a sharp downfall at the time because new players could only use x characters.

but yes, both you and @Slewey are correct that the general player didn’t enjoy it as much was much more responsible for the whole thing crashing down. However, what I’ve been saying caused it to downfall fast enough for me to say with confidence it was a contributing factor, just not THE contributing factor.


Especially with all the problems working against it, like the DLC-Greed stigma that gets associated with just the Evolve name. If the word-of-mouth is a problem, then that shows that the game is never to be taken seriously again, unless they can make a 2nd one, like how Destiny 1 was bad, but now people are accepting D2.