Why Evolve is deserted?


Yeah, the idea already sounds so awesome


One (revived) monster vs an army of monsters.

I wish I had the talent…
* Cries in a corner because I’m not a developer.*


No? That’s is the main reason the game was stopped. It wasn’t profitable.


Publishers only really seek money, whereas the Devs love and care for the game they create. As much as TRS loved Evolve and had a huge roadmap planned, 2K wasn’t getting enough money and there wasn’t enough player retention after it went F2P.

Just look at EA and BF2 or Ubisoft and the shitload of DLC for their games, like Seige.


Damn those greedy publishers making all that free DLC.


Free? Are you fucking kidding me?


And if you’re going on the basis of “well you can unlock it all in game” then yes, you can, just like how you could get a hero in SW: Battlefront 2, after grinding 40 hours for just 1, and only 1, hero. Turned out well, didn’t it?

Free is just a marketing tactic used to lure people in, and I see it still works.


Thus; free.

Well, obviously. And that’s not a bad thing. If I enjoy a game and am offered the chance to play additional content for the game without paying more then yeah, no shit I’m going to play it. I don’t see a problem.


You missed the glaring section where I said this:

Just because it’s free doesn’t give it the slip for being a bad tactic. Yes, there are better ways of implementing it and Evolve should have had the same DLC skins be unlocked in game (outside of the weekend challenges) but the more leeway you give the publishers, they will take every 1/16th of an inch they can get -thus EA.

If you’re fine with it, then that’s what should matter to you. I wasn’t OK with BF2 and thus I’m saying the pro’s don’t outweigh the cons (it’s a balance), and being condescending isn’t needed nor constructive.


I like how the only thing that gives you in game bonuses is the season pass

Even if you call the pass ‘pay to win’ it’s only if the operators released in year 3 are OP since everything else is just more stuff faster


Why the publishers always have the right to do everything…
Just because they owned the IP of the game so that they can ruined it ?


Yeah, but that’s only really due to new Ops. It doesn’t change weapon stats (if it’s a new weapon then it has it’s own respective stats, that could be OP).

The thing is most Ops in the game are diverse, and have a select niche. It just comes down to which niche a player is good at and if certain Ops are better than others if they compete for the same niche.

“Pay to win” or not, DLC is the lesser of the two evils (microtransactions being the other) but defneding it is just silly, since the reason why most AAA games push for that kind of stuff is because the publisher/devs need to pay off a huge chunk of staff (publishers have minimal effect on a games development, but they still need to pay their employees).

Tieing this back into TRS, 2K, and Evolve, look at how 2K pushed DLC from the start, and it gave the game a bad taste in players mouths. Looking back, does a 5-6$ weapons bundle for a certain class seem more dishonest than changing $8 for just 1 Op skin set?

Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should. Morals and Ethics are what set limits that involve a certain protection, and almost every publisher pushes those morals and ethics back. Then people snap and we ended up with Battlefront 2, where now EA has to backpedal because the game was so controversial that it spread outside the gaming industry.

Evolve certainly wasn’t a flawless game, but publishers can get ahead of their selves and unintentionally ruin the game. I keep using BF2 because it’s a widespread example. EA just wanted a little more, and that 1/16th of an inch I talked about is what ruined the game, and their sales they could’ve potentially made. That’s what drives these publishers to do these greedy tactics. It’s all about maximizing profits, and I can’t blame them for doing it, but when they step over the consumer, and in the case of Evolve and BF2, the devs, that’s where I draw the line between good and bad.

2K didn’t set out to ruin Evolve -they actually allowed it a 2nd life in the form of Stage 2 on PC. it’s just that they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and not a whole lot knew 2K was behind the scheme, so TRS took the blunt of the blow to their reputation since it’s easier to point to the devs and not the publisher (in the case of EA it was because EA has one of the worst reps of anything within this industry, and people knew that EA owned Dice. At least Dice didn’t get the TRS treatment). To this day, there is still a lot of misconception about this game, and this game just hit the mother of all bad storms and was crippled from the gate. But as long as you like the game, that’s all that should matter. It’s the same reason why I don’t ridicule those who play BF2, because I certainly don’t like it when people ridicule me for liking Evolve.


I don’t know much publishers who does not have that greedy nature of showering games with DLC and such to make more profit. I know however a publisher called CD Projekt who told to the community “We leave the greed to others” and that phrase is the perfect proof that there’s other companies out there who prefer not to be like those hungry ones. I still have hope that one day, honest companies gets more popular instead of EA or 2K and such.


I didn’t miss it. Regardless of your opinion of the practice, free content is free content. You may disagree with how free content is added, but if I can get additional content for a game I like without spending any more money, then I’m happy. Sure, the grind might be a little rough and I feel like that might become taxing when trying to get multiple items, but if playing for a few hours is too strenuous for more content, then you probably don’t want it as much as you think you do.

Didn’t play it so I have no opinion. I specifically picked up on the fact that you gave Siege as an example, because I am very satisfied with the DLC model currently in place for that game. The only things unavailable for free are a few selected cosmetic items, but that isn’t a problem because if I don’t want them then I’m not missing out, and if I do want them then I could easily cough up a couple of quid, or just let that phase pass until I move onto another operator. More often than not, the latter is the case.


Dang guys, too much information XD. Let me read one by one.


Didn’t make enough money, 2K pulled the plug. Simple, and sad. Makes you hate the gaming industry sometimes, right?


Well… maybe. I don’t have that strong emotion as you guys have on this event.
But I can understand what you mean.


Seeing this game from conception to termination, from rise to fall, and not even getting everything the devs wanted to provide for us, yeah, some of us are pretty salty. Myself included.


Me too, and when I see some others who say “Evolve is dead, get rekt”, I instead feel peppered.


I wish more peeps played evolve


Somebody even made fun of Evolve’s fall?