Why Evolve is deserted?


Hey guys, I am just a little confused. Why such an excellent game as Evolve could be abandoned by players as today? I have not yet tried Evolve before, but I looked at some reviews on steam and also other discussions on other places. Most people agreed that the game Evolve is really fun to play and they fell in love with it at the beginning. But for the Evolve stage 2 there was a lot of complaints and disappointment. And even though some players still held their love with the game, but on one subject they all agreed, that the game is deserted. (I have heard that a player spent 20 minutes to find a match in game but no response)

I do not know what happened to the game Evolve that caused it to be abandoned by its players. Would you please explain this to me?

Thank you very much.

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No updates, no support for the game, the neednto move on.
Personally I just don’t like stage 2 as much as original Evolve.


So you mean it is kinda lost its original vitality


2K decided to pull the plug on the game’s development.


It sounds more like the 2k threw the game away themselves.


But if Evolve is really mature enough, I do not think it would become this way as it did today…
Evolve stage 2 still got a lot of stuff waited to be developed I think?


Let me tell you that you are correct, and I say it with a big YES.
There was Phantom Wraith (who was in development), a passive for the Goliath, Meteor Goliath and Kraken, some other perks, some gamemodes such as monster vs monster or 8v2, all the Legacy maps reworked on paper, a whole bunch of characters on paper such as War Bucket, B-E.M.E.T (Bucket in E.M.E.T’s chassis if I remember properly), Feral Slim*, Hellfire Hyde*, Super Jack*, Sunny in a replica of Lennox’s suit (her jetpack booster would’ve been moved to her variant), Queen Gorgon and finally what I find the most interresting, Kali (or Kala as a monster).

*Their variants are in fact mutated versions of themself from the Deepest Dark era.


How could 2k be so heartless and greedy. The bane of Evolve will die.


Didn’t make them enough money.


Just to point out, 8v2 and Monster vs Monster were fan desires, not any mode that was announced.

But yes, many character adaptations, map reworks, and the like were still being worked on. Plus the console version of Stage 2. All ended abruptly with around a month of warning.


Imagine how fun a monster v monster would be tho.


Would be great as long as you are not fighting Kraken.


I don’t remember where did I find those clues, but I doubted that it was listed by the devs (because they care for the community).


Evolve is niche, especially pre-stage 2.

The people who like it love it, but for the people who don’t ‘get’ it (sadly I think a majority) - they really don’t get it


Is that even english? It’s not working on google translation.


It is.



It’s a word for a hobby/activity that isn’t popular for any number of reasons but is enjoyed by a “small” crowd. Very fitting for Evolve and Stage 2 as well.


Obviously, I loved Evolve and wish it never died out, but I kind of feel like I dodged a bullet never being presented with those game modes


That was so much information bro…
Can’t believe that they will never have the chance to come out.


That was just too direct bro.