Why Elder Kraken gets stuck and can not getting off the ground?


If you’re having games where Elsa Kraken refuses to get off the ground harder than getting an ass to move your sacks potatoes, then you are not alone.

Other users are also experiencing this, in a subreddit post SuperBadJuJu went into detail and talked about Elder Kraken’s wonky traversals.

Yeah, his lower ceiling can create issues. Normal Kraken, if you’re bursting up a hill, you aim up and you traverse forward. Normal Kraken has enough height to traverse on an upward slope.

Elder Kraken has a low ceiling. So even if you aim up, it’s not high enough. You frustratingly burst forward before colliding with the ground and stalling out for 1-2 seconds unable to traverse again or run forward. That stall is infuriating, those 1-2 seconds really add up and can make the difference between being caught or getting away.

This is the reason I find myself only traversing off high ledges and downhill as EK.

I’m just so glad to know others are experiencing this as well and that I’m not just crazy.

Hopefully TRS will hopefully look into this as I have no doubt that this may be one of the contributing factors that is making EK so squishy.

I’ve been in way to many games where EK would just sit there like an ass staring at Hyde as he fucking melts his fucking face with his fucking flame thrower. :pensive:


I find I pounce a lot when using EK. He still has the kraken super pounce at least.


This isn’t about how slow he is, it’s about why he can’t traverse. but maybe it belongs more as a bug thread instead?


His low lift-generation on traversal use is tied to his slowness (and is part of balance in general). It’s not a bug, but how he was designed.

Also, the “stalling” sounds like what Kraken suffers from too, and is to do with how the collision with terrain works for EK and Kraken. It’s similar to Goliath traversing into a plant and being tossed up a little bit.


It should be fine as it is. If a mod feels it should be merged then so be it. :slightly_smiling:

@sony_view it isn’t really a bug, more an observation so it’s fine in the category it is currently in.


Kelder’s air bursts sort of force you to use one while stationary to get yourself in the air before you can start flying around. It’s pretty annoying.