Why don't you guys play Kraken on PS4?

All I ever see on PS4 streams are Goliath/Bob. Any reason why Kraken isn’t played?

Probably because everyone hates fighting him and seeing him period because he’s super easy to use and difficult to bring down.

He’s the “Easy Button” vs a lot of players.

Nobody wants to watch that so to keep things interesting Streamers probably pick the more fun and difficult Monsters to use.

Not just watch something float about and slowly kill Hunters from afar with minor difficulty.

He’s not really viable in high level play anymore. A silver skilled team should be enough.

He’s still the best monster…

No this is the best monster.


Saying that Kraken isn’t viable anymore is like saying a Val without a Hank or Sunny is completely viable.

The lies are strong with this one…

Not saying you’re lying but that you’re opinion is WRONG!!! Because my opinion says so.

So yeah… take that!

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It’s an oxymoron is what it is.

You’re an oxymoron without the oxy!

Makes Low-IQ based laugh sound

Duh… I’m so clever!

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Most Kraken mains in ESL (PS4) haven’t come back in a while, it just happened to turn out like this!

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If I may throw my $.02 in…

Against newbie players, yeah, Kraken is a bit overpowered. I’ve had a lot of success winning with the Kraken ever since the influx of new players on this free weekend. (No, I’m not pub-stomping, not intentionally, anyway. It’s just…well, I don’t know how to hold back when it comes to playing Evolve.)

Before then, when Evolve was down to its hardcore MLG PRO player base, I had a much more difficult time with the Kraken. Kept losing no matter how hard I tried.

So in the end, it’s all a matter of learning the Kraken and how to fight him. The Kraken can appear overpowered if you don’t know how to aim…

I play kraken but I tend to reserve it more for higher level premades (Silver elites and above). If they’re a lower silver, I’ll use Goli, and if bronze or lower, just Behe (1-2 min wins).

With all the crying over Kraken, I thought to play him less, but I’ve recently realized because of that I’m now getting rusty, so I’m starting to pick him back up as my main. He’s not undefeatable right now, so screw what anyone says about him. Learn to deal with him, because my team sure has.

@Major_Warrior Kraken is more beatable than you think… Stasis right now is amazing at bringing Krakens down, especially a charged Crow stasis. You say he’s super easy to use, but against higher level premades you’re going to struggle more as you’re very easy to spot and hear as you traversal. LS is super easy to dodge and banshees can be removed from the game.

One more ProTip vs. Kraken:

Krakens everywhere hate Griffin and his harpoon gun. Krakens say Griffin is compensating for something. Trufax.

Eh… I think they’re all little bastards against kraken…

Abe/Crow - stasis drag down
Maggie - Harpoons on a chase in domes
Griffin - Poons when getting away or chasing.

The real reason is because people think its too easy…

People (hunters) will get mad

I honestly just prefer Goliath and Behemoth (both by design and in combat) to the other two monsters. I’m also not very well-practiced with Kraken or Wraith, though I do need to spend more time with both of them so I’m more well-rounded as a monster player.

The dislike of Wraith from day one, and Kraken’s ridiculous AS pre-5.0 also kept me from being interested in either monster. If something is wildly broken, I often will choose not to use it and would rather get an intense challenge. But both Wraith and Kraken are in good places now, though I still think Wraith’s Stage 3 armor is a bit high at the average level of play. Apparently her traversal is also still a little glitched (according to some of my Wraith-main friends; I suppose I wouldn’t really know the difference).

I suppose I can tank in 2.0 with Kraken and Wraith, and as I get demoted, I’ll simply be able to get more practice in with them while I rank back up. I’ll definitely get more matches if I get demoted, and I’ll likely get demoted quickly because of my past performance with the other two monsters. And before you guys say do Arena for practice, I’m not a fan of that mode on the whole and would rather lose in Hunt than play with pugs in Arena.

Hmmm…it looks like I might have a plan to get decent practice with Wraith and Kraken. If I can tear myself away from MGSV anytime soon, that is. Maybe I’ll try to get some monster matches in before I mainline MGS tonight.