Why dont the hunters get a

:fire_engine: and just run over all the monsters and shooting the hose in there faces to temporarily blind them

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Cuz this isn’t GTA :wink: Also, Goliath can tear open a spaceship’s hull.


but not the little cage on refueling?



yup he stuck in there for life

I know right? What is that thing made of? Kryptonite?

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My guess is that the baby goliaths from the eggs (and in defend) are completely different(much weaker) from the alpha goliath, which probably breaks the cage from the outside if the map is won? also, I understand the lack of firetrucks but its the future, where are the flying tanks that fire nuclear warheads!?

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ooh i know a flying fire truck





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what if its just iron

Can’t be, the Goliath can punch a hole through a space ships hull.

Ur-anium <10chars>

Too much grilled canyon eel can really sap your strength.

espiecially if its live

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There is not much for that Goliath to do… if he is up in the air he cant slam through it like he can when its grounded on the floor… that why I think its actually made of fine china.

He should have the strength to bend the bars. ^.-
That, at the very least.

Well, if they captured him, he’s obviously not in good shape. Likely wounded.

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Why dont they just fly around on the dropship shooting down at the monsters? Or nuking the planet also works.