Why doesn't Torvald wear pants?


I mean his already homoerotic as he is, what was the reasoning behind this?

Couldn’t he at least came with a version that wore pants or some form of a kilt? I find him too distracting to play with.

He already has that awesome beard on a beautiful face place on a beautiful head stuck onto a beautiful body with the awsomest tattoos.


Because he has no genitals to hide. Should Bucket wear pants? No.


I wish bucket wore pants :confused:


In before the lock


They are retractable.

Also, if your bottom half was made of metal, you wouldn’t wear pants either. It would be unnecessary, and impractical. His legs are rough and hard, they’d rip the material. He’d heat up, burn it. On and on.


…Oh, right.


Yeah these types of threads aren’t actually permissible anymore. Sorry.