Why doesn't Kraken's Aftershock destroy traps?


At the moment it seems like something you put at least 2 points in or completely forget. @Macman @SlabOMeat are you guys planning on doing anything of the sort? Aftershock just feels very underwhelming if the hunters aren’t bunched.


That’s because it is underwhelming…


aftershock is kraken. aftershock is life! ( o.o)/)/)


In all seriousness I’ve only found reason to use it when I’m already ahead.


in all seriousness aftershock has 4x the combat effectiveness than lightning strike. but thats my opinion i guess.


Aftershock feels great, but it would also make sense if large surges of electricity would damage electronics…


It should unless there is a new bug. Aftershock was always the way I would clear a bunch of sentry guns.


I always thought that the guy who implemented “melee” ability for otherwise ranged monster was high. I’ve picked aftershock only for leveling purposes and then away with it.

OT: Same with Goliath’s rock throw, it’s not bad, quite the opposite, but I don’t ever pick it because it makes you stationary - booooo.


I agree, considering I did most of my wildlife killing through the pounce feature I found little use for aftershock aside from leveling up. But I didn’t get a chance to level it up very high, so that might be a larger factor than I originally anticipated.


I just double-checked this in the current build and it killed sentry guns just fine.


I heard that Vortexing mines deals damage to Kraken. Is that true?


What about harpoon traps/mines. Or are those not intended targets? Bucket turrets were always hit with Aftershock.


It is, but Macman said they fixed it.


Should be the same. Let me check.


Thanks @Macman :slight_smile:


O.K. I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that aftershock doesn’t destroy harpoon traps, arc mines and sound spikes. It’s been busted so long that most people thought it was supposed to be like that. :frowning: So it’s in the release build that way. Really sorry to have missed this. Mostly my bad for not noticing. I was playing Wraith a lot, should have played Kraken just to double-check things.

The good news is that it is a really easy fix. I just checked in the fix to our current build. The question is, how quickly can we get the fix into the game. We are going to try to micro patch it in. Hopefully it’ll be there for your very first Kraken match, but I will let you know for sure when I know.


Sounds great! I thought it was odd in the Big Alpha/Beta :slight_smile: Love you guys!


This is why it’s important for us to talk all the time. :wink:


Hey, just wondering, are there any planned changes/tweaks to Kraken? In the Beta build he was good for stomping new players, but around level ~30 he didn’t feel as viable as the others. His abilities are extremely easy to avoid and while flying is fantastic in combat, jump/teleport outclassed it in actually getting around.


Heh, that’s make sense because when I was reading this thread I was like “I swear I’ve seen the lightning arc out and hit sentries…” so this makes sense lol.