Why does Wasteland Daisy burn the invisible Wraith?


Wraith used to be my favourite monster, took a long break from her after the nerf. But started playing her again and I really enjoy her, so much, I really do, she and Goliath are becoming my mains again. But the thing I’ve noticed when I play against Wasteland Maggie is that Daisy is burning me when I am invisible…? And no I am not on fire before she does it, I am completely INVISIBLE and Daisy sets me on fire. Like what…? Anyone else had this experience?


Well. She is a

Either way I was shown this which has now made me pretty excited as all the monster changers are BIG buffs The Macropatch Summary(updated with unfinalized patch notes)


damn u change ur favourite Monster alot :stuck_out_tongue:


I do, when new monsters come out I love them, but over time I realise they are not my thing and I just go back to what I played from the very first day I got this game, and those were Goliath and Wraith. They suit me perfect. And I have made so many mistakes trying to get good at alot of monsters at the same time, but now I only stick with what suits me and nothing else. I liked Elder Kraken, but it was just because he was new and… Meh, he is cool but no not my style at all unfortunately :frowning:

And I don’t use regular Kraken, that’s why I never speak about him nowadays, but he used to be my nr.1 pick every match, but not anymore (:

I don’t get how you can like Gorgon, she makes me frustrated in a battle haha


Haha yeah she is, sneaking behind my back reviving hunters aswell, she get’s punished hard for it though


My guess would be that Daisy can smell the Wraith, even if she can’t see it. The flamethrower also operates on proximity, so it burns any Monster that gets close.


Any video’s? Never experienced this myself


Yeah this does happen. Pain in the butt. However, wraith really has a hard time with Waggie in general. Most situations won’t let you get close enough to daisy for her to do this when you are invisible unless you put too many points into decoy or you play hunters who don’t ever shoot.


i really hate if i use Mimic and my real Gorgon get burn damage because of Daisy i really hate that bug -.-


True, she is a bot to be fair and you can’t trick those, hm… But anyways I don’t care too much, it is how it is, her decoy is getting changed, and I’m happy with that :slight_smile:


No sorry I don’t, but for example if the hunters are camping a spot and you pop the decoy to the opposite direction and you try to sneak by Daisy who howls at the direction I’m coming from, as soon as you are next to her she burns you haha


True, I know that 95 percent of the teams I am against are gonna use her, but right now I’m just playing whatever I enjoy even if alot of stuff is unbalanced etc