Why does warping leave tracks?

I’m a little confused with how warping works now. Personally, I approve of the reduced warp speed, that much isn’t being questioned. I’m ok with most of the new changes, Exept that Wraith’s warping leaves tracks. The way I figure it, a traversal ability is meant for traversing the environment. That’s where I feel Wraith fails. The way I see it, Wraith’s warping has the lowest range of traversal skills, so I feel like Wraith is at a huge disadvantage, unlike Goliath, whose leap has great range depending on how it’s used, and leaves no tracks. I feel like it completely removes the part of Wraith that is meant to get in and out unnoticed, like a proper assassin. It makes her feel easier to track then Goliath, to me.

Hmmm, yet you don’t question that Kraken leaves tracks when he’s up 'n flying? :stuck_out_tongue:


Because being able to use your traversal without leaving tracks would be broken as hell.


I was about to say that! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are (40?) meters in the air, you don’t leave any tracks. So going from a high spot and using the warp and warp blast skill can help with not leaving tracks.

Ninjaaaaa’d. <3


That’s because I already know the answer. The burn marks in the ground are caused by the electrical discharge created by his tentacle to keep him in the air. Wraith, I just can’t wrap my head around. If there is a good reason, I just haven’t noticed it then.

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if your going by lore, then it’s because she uses energy to keep her in the air, similar to how Kraken flies, but instead of flying, she hovers.

Because if someone got to the high ground and warped off, then kept warping, she could cover huge distances - with twisting and turning. With Goliath, you know which direction he went, you just need to get to the other end of the leap.

Just as a preface, Goliath’s Traversal does in fact leave a single footprint at the point of landing :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I would think it’s simply a balance mechanic, moreso than how it would actually be in Lore. Staying a good distance in the air isn’t too difficult as Wraith, out of combat it’s trickier, but ‘flying’ across the map can generally still be done for a good portion of it. To not leave tracks while doing it? Just seems a bit over the top for the Monster who already has the easiest time juking (Imo that is) and generally being slippery.

Sure, she doesn’t cover much ground per traversal, but I find that using Warp Blast closes that gap with the other Monsters, as none of them have anything that covers that kind of distance, bar perhaps Leap Smash off a sheer cliff face. (She’s still the ‘slowest’ long distance sprinter to me though, granted Bob gets a nice clear path to rampage through without a pack of Reavers slowing him down…)

Balance. Every monster leaves tracks while moving. As they told you, Kraken leaves light blotches on the floor while flying which makes even less sense.

Also, remember the time when people were all whining about not being able to track Wraith?

Wraith doesn’t really even touch the ground. I like the way Kraken leaves drippings when flying and footprints when walking. Wraith should leave drippings, too.

##You think Wraith is an assassin?

Little droplets of plasma fall from his body as he flies, burn the ground. :stuck_out_tongue: