Why does this happen?


I have no idea if it’s a bug or not.

In Ranked, while I’m waiting for hunters, I always see one player pop up. And it sits there, not finding three other Hunters. Is the game teasing us?


i think its because it finds people but then one leaves so it glitches and still shows you a player


It shows one then all 3 should load up at the waiting screen right?


No, just one player pops up, then goes away after a few seconds.

I eventually got into a match, but this happens 99% of the time.


Happens all the time for me too.


On xbox happens too it never gives the right ranks or badge or gamertag.


On PC just today, I had all hunter quit on me 2 games in a row… 1st game lasted 15 secs, 2nd game didnt even make it to the load


As well as my hunter team can’t go against a monster of our skill lv so we get stuck fighting higher ranked monsters .


Yeah Im in the top 30 i think in behemoth that makes sense.

At the same time HUNTERS should always have a challenge…

…after all we the monsters… are the boss fights.


Not higher ranked as in leaderboards but ranked as in silver master\silver elite in which case most play FT3 but if were going leaderboards I’ve beat 2 golith players ranked top 6 and 3 krakens ranked top 20 and 2 top 5 meteor goliths and says nothing about skill.edit… silver experts bounce on us a couple silver masters will too already in a low playerbase so we play the same monsters over and over that we get beat by because if we didn’t play them we wouldn’t play at all in which we quit anyway kinda sucks always losing ya know :wink:


Thats true. My story was i was silver something maybe 2 and one night. Ran across a set of gold players.

I had such a challenge i playrd them all night.

Sadly my rank dropped to bronze and even after sooooo many wins still not back in silver.

I was using rank as a meter for my exp. But i realized you needes that next bit of info ^.^

Oh and at least when I play the same hunters i rotate the monster list except for blue bob on aviary and red bob on the mines.