Why does this game


Bring out some weird ego in people?
It’s like if they think they’re awesome at the game, they act like they’re a better person than everyone.

This game causes hardcore illusory superiority, and these players are rather sickening.
What’s the deal?


It’s the internet. Regardless of game you’ll see this behavior in people.


Tell me about it’s irking.


I think you’ve been quite unlucky with the people you’ve encountered though. I’ve only met one such person… But perhaps I’m the lucky one?

Oops. Not meant as a reply to Maddcow’s comment. xD


It happens in all walks of life and almost every game really. People get attached and then try to be the best at it. I’ve played a lot of FIFA over the years and in my experience there isn’t another game that brings out such aggression from people I’ve played against than that. I’ve not played FIFA since I got Evolve. Even the most boastful here are the nicest in comparison.


Perhaps. It’s been around ever since I can remember. From early MMOs like Ultima Online or Everquest, flash game sites like Kongregate, or even AAA titles that are single player only. You constantly seem to encounter those that consider themselves to be the ‘Alpha Male’. The problem with the Internet, is that there is no way to prove for or against Alpha Leader status and as such people run away with it. People gather large armies of followers just because they happen to agree on 1 basic opinion and then they adopt… oh wait… Ya, the world is full of people like that :slight_smile:


I have to be nice because I am too blunt and it comes off as insulting to people. I do not mean to insult but are you new to competitive multiplayer games? I want to know to gauge your experience in this type of environment and determine it the question is posed as someone new to competitive gaming or as someone who came from really cordial game environments that I have not experienced yet.


Just sick of being told to kill myself if I mess up.


Tell them to not play pub games.


Don’t take it personal bro, it’s just a game and those people don’t understand that. I feel the most fun about this game is most definitely the learning process.



The question was more along the lines of “Why does this game give them such an ego” rather than how to defeat them. But I love that video :stuck_out_tongue:


one time I saw this lvl 40 guy that doesn’t even have Tier 2 unlocked and I was like bru you must have no ego.


ESL gives them an ego. Any slight CHANCE of a ranked system or E-sports brings out the worst in some communities. LoL and DoTA have terrible communities because they offer 1-2 million dollar tournaments for people that are good.

Birth of the wannabes


I dont get it for this game so much. Most people realize how terrible the leaderboards are


I’ve only gotten bad people about 6 times since Alpha. But my friends have gotten braggers, hashers, leavers, complainers, and threateners left and right.

If we removed the leaderboard until ranked comes out; things might simmer down.


Yeah, I don’t deal with ego. It’s so stupid and a certain road to self destruction. I’m too old for that shit, so I tune them out. :blush: I only mic-up with folks from the forums.

I feel ego breaks down into two categories: arrogance or self-confidence, and one of those doesn’t need a trumpet to be recognized.


I agree with others. It is one of the reasons why I stepped out of competitive games before and why I’m not trying hard to stay in them now.


I like to troll the trolls. It’s so very fun at times. ^.^


Yeah I hate that group (aka majority of the community). I’m a great monster player but I don’t gloat about it like it’s my life’s mission. I have a youtube channel to do that for me xD