Why does this game rely purely on Steams terrible servers again?


So this game relies on Steam. Not only to start the game, but you must keep an active steam connection during the full game or you will be kicked out of your game.

So my question is: Why? It makes no sense at all.

We all know Steam has bad servers that go down at random times on random days (not just maintenance day). The game can function perfectly fine without steam, proven by the fact that the console versions work without Steam.
Even if Steam does the matchmaking, why am I kicked out halfway a match if steam disconnects? Am I not connected to the Evolve servers at this point? Can’t the game sync the data to your 2K account without an active steam connection?

It’s sad because this actually makes me want to play other games and not recommend this to my friends simply because you never know when you’re going to be kicked out of a match just because Steam decides to fart again.

Before anyone calls to contact steam about it: If Valve still isn’t aware how terrible their servers and the random downtimes are, I highly doubt they are willing to fix it.


Uh, because if they didn’t do this they’d have to invest a great deal of effort into reinventing the wheel to build similar infrastructure from scratch instead of leveraging something pre-existing that has gone through a ton of work, optimizing, etc…