Why does the "skill" based matchmaking work this way


I know I only had a few matches today and yesterday but already there is a clear picture visible:
Whenever I am Hunter, the 3 teammates I get matched with are always people who do not know the fundamental basics of the game, while most of the time the Monster is pretty decent.
This means the only time I win games is when the Monster is just as terrible as my teammates. In other words, not a single game as Hunter is really enjoyable.

I know that both my accuracy and my jetpack management is not the best. But what I do know is this:

  • Don’t fight or dome in enclosed spaces
  • Don’t run off by your own
  • Let Laz do the revive
  • Don’t rush a revive
  • Don’t dome by yourself
  • Don’t chase a Stage 3 Monster
  • Use your class abilitiy when it is needed
  • Don’t use your class abilitiy when it is not needed
  • Use other weapons than just the damaging ones
  • Use deployables of your teammates to your advantage
  • Stay in line of sight of your teammates
  • Use your jetpack to dodge abilities
  • Pay attention to the direction of the Planet Scanner
  • Wait for a good spot/opportunity to dome. Don’t dome whenever you can.

… the list goes on and on. At least one of these things needs to be mentioned per teammate. All of these are things that I have known for a long time. So in no way is it justified to put me in the same team as those guys and call that skilled matchmaking. It’s not.

The worst about this is that the more I get matched with these guys, the lower my skill is estimated. The lower my skill is estimated the more likely I get teammates that are even worse. Yes the Monsters get worse too, but the vast majority of Monsters of any skill level could take down a Hunter that walks off by his own or does not get healed or shielded.

And before the people come who say that I should just get a team: I don’t play on any regular schedule at all, so I do not see this a solution. Sometimes 10 am CEST, sometimes 3 pm, sometimes 8 pm. I do not think it is worth it searching for teammates for all possible times, especially since the prime time where most players come online is 9 pm CEST, at which time I usually do not play. Not to mention I do not play all year. Sometimes with months of not playing at all. From previous expirences I can tell, that a lot of people I used to play with will no longer play after a few months. This means I would have to search for new people all over again.

When the matchmaking was based on level, I had a much better time. Sure there were some Level 40s who didnt know anything, but there were not in every single game and especially not every single teammate. And my level did not decrease because of the others bad performence, as opposed to my secret skill level.

In other words, I am far from being content with the current matchmaking and I think a return to Level-based matchmaking, maybe with more levels, would do a much, much better job.
I am also thinking about making a suggestion about a better and more nuanced skill determining system.


I don 't know what skill level I am in the system, but I too can’t form a team to regularly play with because of an erratic real life schedule.

However it’s my belief that if you’re solo queuing that you have to somewhat take the rough with the smooth and if that means having games where people do dumb things for now then that’s what it is.

This is a game where teamwork matters, and so there is little I feel I can complain about when it comes to getting random people that do poor work because I’m not actively trying to be part of a team.

That said, I believe that TRS can still do more (probably with new matchmaking work) to help people actually stay together as a team if they’ve worked well. I’d love to see it that people can, after a match, say they want to stay in a lobby with the same players, and if if other players in the lobby do the same it automatically parties them up for the next lobby and forward. This would, I think, alleviate the one weakness of solo queuing which is this…

…it doesn’t really matter if I can add these people I play with on Steam, because even if I do the likelihood that I’ll be online at the same time as them again is slim. I don’t necessarily want to start a friendship bond with someone through steam just so I can play one more game with them, but I would like to be able to choose to mutually tag along with other players that have enjoyed the teamwork that we managed to find!