Why does the rank system exist?


So I just lost 19 points in a monster hunt que. I had won the last three games and gained less than 16 combined. My suggestion is to some how alter this. I get that it’s not a latter thing. But if I’m just going to stay at Bronze Elite because I can’t afford to lose a single match. Then I’m curious as to why I should give a fuck about my rank. I don’t think it represents my own personal skill, I’m not great but I’m at least a silver skilled. Not the 4th to last rank in the game. Also, the people I fight are not bronze elite level, but that is their rank. I just think that in both Hunt ques, because I decided to place myself before I had a real grasp on the game, I’m now forever stuck in bronze. It just really pisses me off, that I can win 3 matches, and lose all that I worked for and some, in one bad match. I don’t think I’m the only one who really would like this to change.

In a game, I like a bit of a sense of accomplishment. I love that Evolve makes it really really hard to achieve a goal. It makes it all the more rewarding when you achieve it. But I think it is that to a extreme, far beyond reality. Idk, I’d like to hear if I’m the only saying this. I’m sure there are a lot of gold ranked people or silvers who think differently.


You are not, there are many threads on this. I really don’t think it’ll change. That’s the way all rank systems are these days.


How many overall hunt games do you have on monster? It sounds like the count is still relatively low


I’m a silver monster and I hate my life. I wish I could go visit low tiers just so I wouldn’t have to face cheesecomp every game. Yes, everything silver and up is Jack/Val/Sunny. EVERYTHING. Gets so boring.

I often wonder if I shouldn’t purposefully lose a few games to knock myself into bronze.


It’s not exactly explained the best it could be, but Ranked isn’t about satisfaction. You’ll lose, and it’ll knock you down for doing so. You’ll win and it won’t reward you for it. The overall point of the ranked mode is to put you against people that are your kind of level.

I think that when people (way back when) were asking for ranked they were actually asking for something else that wasn’t ranked, they wanted a kind of in game tournament/league system. That’s not what this is!

So… I totally get how you’re feeling, but the best thing is to realise that it’s not trying to make you feel bad (though you naturally will, I do) when it docks you so many points, it’s just trying to make sure that it’s not placing you too high up the ranks if you aren’t meant to be there according to it’s own formula.


for d@*k measuring reasons…why did you think it existed?


Val-Sunny silver skilled will eventually do it for you :wink:


You don’t.
The rank is just there to match equally skilled players together. And it’s doing a good job.

You shouldn’t worry too much about going up or down some ranks.


I’m a gold monster and i can tell you that i’ve felt the same way since ranked started. Ranked is the most rewarding part of the game but it’s also the most frustrating. It does take a while for the system to normalize your rank and then it gets more standard, but it is definitely frustrating. 19 is a lot though and you’ll probably lose less per loss the more games that you play.

If you want to climb in rank, play a few warm up games first and try to refine your style on the best monster that you have, and just play that. Makes no sense to bet your rank on second best.


This is kinda funny because I felt that the vast majority of Silver Skilled belongs to Bronze Elite.
I admit it has been months since I last played ranked but back then I had to facepalm at people equal or above my rank (Silver Expert) regulary. But mostly I had teammates below that which is why I quit after it did not change in hundreds of games and a winrate well above 50%.
Funny enough, I think my monster rank which is also Silver Expert nails it. And I am way better as Hunter than Monster (or at least I used to).

What I am trying to say is: You are not alone in your frustration :wink:


I’m a silver monster aswell, and I know that feeling :frowning: Just doesn’t make fun after a while and if you lose just one match, all the hard work was for nothing…


It’s a RANK system not a PROGRESSION system.


I more or less stopped playing ranked. It sucks, because the way it’s setup encourages super try-hard mode. That said, quick play is fun except for Defend and I still rank from time to time if I’m in a 4 man that I’ve practiced with (or know will be on point every time).

There’s too much meta at high level play to play ranked with just anyone. Unfortunately for the monster, this becomes a real issue so long as there’s the oncologist consulting chase-comp and the ever-latched Gorgon pounce.

I say just quickplay and practice with pubs. If you play monster in ranked you can expect to run across the occasional premade that will destroy you from the inside out.


I feel like maybe I need to give it more time. I have about an average of 50 games over all in monster hunt, which isn’t a lot. I know I’m not bad but I can’t say that I’m on par with Gold or mid Silver players. Christ I only have 180 hours on the game. So I’m saying that maybe I need to wait about a hundred more matches before I start to judge whether or not I’m at the rank I am at because of points, or my own lack of consistency.

It’s good that they are pushing us to a point where we don’t ever make mistakes. That you should make losing an option, 0% of the time. I’m just trying to hear out the, “It’s a RANK system not a PROGRESSION system.” theory. I guess for my hunter hunt rank, it has to do with: I played hunt when I was lvl 17, and that is the rank I am represented as. Seeing as every other level 17s have done the same thing. But now that I’m 40 and have some experience under my belt, I’m still represented as 17, as if I will never make up that one time I fell during the high school graduation. Ripperoni in Pepperoni.


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