Why does the monster lose if the timer runs out?


I get that The monster didn’t destroy the power relay, but The monster isn’t dead. That power relay and The monster arent going to be leaving the planet, so shouldn’t the time running out count as a failed hunt?..

Also, if the Time running out doesn’t = God win for the hunters anymore, then they’ll have to do their job and HUNT rather than just relay camp.


its to pressure the monster to fight. he is faster than the hunters and nothing would prevent a monster from just running the whole 20 minutes to get a free win. it wouldn’t be fun for anyone. its already dull enough with so many monsters running until stage 3.


It’s easy to point at the monster players and say “It’s all their fault”, but the bottom line is They have to run till stage three now that stage two isn’t equal to the hunters anymore. XD

I’m just saying, if you had a problem with a bear coming in and destroying your garbage and you hired me to come in and remove that bear. Would you still want to pay me if I had to quit?

The bear is still there, and your garbage is still at risk, so why should that be counted as a sucseful hunt for me?


The monster has the most control over the pace of the game. It is faster than the hunters, it can choose when it wants to fight. To stop it just constantly running away and hiding, the game has to have a way of forcing the monster to try to win.

Nothing nefarious, no great conspiracy to try to sap the souls of monster main players, just basic rules that ensure everything is guided to the intended end point.

Edit: Canonically it might be worth you visiting the Evacuation campaign, the cut scenes describe that while you’re fighting monsters there are usually colonists or soldiers working on something that will take some time to complete, so you either need to delay the monster or kill it so they have time to do what they need to do.


Keep in mind that I am primarily a monster player (undefeated behemoth, top 15 wraith PS4.) And i have to say I disagree with monsters HAVE to run to win. I win ~80% of my games at stage 2, its definitely doable.

And as for your reasoning on the win condition, the hunters are there to defend the planet from the monsters and evacuate the colonists, no where does it say to kill the monster, only hunt it and try to kill it before it kill you or destroys the relay. If the monster player is hiding and for whatever reason and has no intention of attacking the relay, that monster is not a threat to the hunters objective. that is why they win.
P.S. and thats just a rational story example,as for gameplay (as i stated earlier) it would just be straight up unfair


Both sides have two ways to win. Monster either kills the hunters or destroys the relay and the hunters either kill the monster or run out the clock. It makes perfect sense because as several other people have pointed out, it prevents the monster from just running, hiding and wasting time.


As much as the developers would like the game to make sense 24/7, they also want to make it enjoyable for both sides to play.


What? Its just a game thing man. I mean if we poke holes in this why can hunters get punched by a monster and not just die? its just in the game to force a fight at stage 3, and to make the monster make a move.

Edit: hope this doesn’t seem rude wasn’t trying to be. I am just saying it is video game logic man, so it doesn’t always need to make sense.


Because flee till 3 would become flee till time limit for some monster players.

And stop making comparisons between video games and real life, its silly.


Guys I think he just means from a lore standpoint


It really depends on the match up and skill of both sides.


From a lore stand point he needs to check out Evac for why there’s time limits.


The fact that the monster loses when the timer runs out makes perfect sense IF the monster is stage 3, because his objective is to destroy the generator so obviously if he just keeps running away instead of fighting he’s gonna lose. However i feel like the timer should work in a different way as long as the monster is stage 1 or 2, simply because the hunters are supposed to search for the monster at all times unless he’s stage 3. If the monster wants to ambush the hunters inside a cave or something and the hunters never come because they’re camping the generator when they shouldn’t, then it should be them who should be punished if the timer runs out, not the monster. Sometimes it happens that the hunters just camp the generator from start to finish instead of hunting the monster, that’s so wrong and should be considered cheating. I mean if the hunters want to camp they should play defend, not hunt. I understand that the hunters need to fight in open areas to have a chance to win but camping the generator defeats the purpose of the game. Fortunately that’s something that happens very rarely.


Changes are in the works to change how useful relay camping is


But it does actually make sense.


like I said, even if it doesn’t make sense, you have to bend some rules.


The current timer favors relay roachers, I said give the monster an additional 5 minutes and it’ll be good. Usually that’s all I need.


Nooooooo that is way too long.


I’m comparing the two as a way to say “hey, here’s a real life thing that’s so what similar to this. Do you see my logic now?”

Also, then why not just set it up so that no one wins if the timer reaches zero? The hunters failed in “Hunting” and anyone that would reach stage 3 but not go fight is a coward… Looks to me like no one deserves to win in that situation.


I know what an analogy is. I’m saying you’re really bad at making them. If people can’t understand your logic in a discussion it is just as much your fault as theirs. Communication is a skill believe it or not.

As for the topic, even with a tie there are plenty of monsters that would simply keep running just so they would get a tie instead of a loss. The point of the relay is to prevent the monster from dragging the game out and boring the hunters to death.