Why does the match end when Slim has a bug on me?

Let’s say your game is going like this.

:assault:: Dead
:trapper:: Dead
:support: (you): Incapped
:medic:: Alive, chased by monster

Now, let’s say your medic is Slim he runs the moment you hit the dirt. But that Goli will just not let up on him! Goli completely ignores your incapped self and goes hunting down Slim, and he has just a small enough window to get a bug on you before Goliath pounces him. And even though that bug is reviving you, and you’re so close to being up, Goliath downs Slim. And you still lose.

Why is that? Monsters should be proactive and watch to make sure Slim doesn’t have a bug on downed players. If Slim picks someone up with a bug, that’s the monster’s bad. So, why when Slim casts a bug on a downed hunter and then dies as the last person does the game end? Shouldn’t it keep going until it picks that hunter up, or until the monster kills the bug? I don’t know, just a suggestion.

In the event that this is TL;DR, I’m suggesting that when Slim is the last alive, casts a bug on an incapped hunter, and then dies, the round shouldn’t end.

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I think it’s more because it’s healing rather than acting like an AI similar to that of Daisy, I never really thought about it. Buuut idk about making Slim stronger. That’s just my opinion.

Please don’t hurt me. D:

Eh, I agree that Slim is already pretty powerful. It’s just really annoying being two seconds away from a bug revive when the monster pounce kills Sim, ending the game.

As a Slim player I would say no way. Sure, it’s easy to get rid of the bug, but as it has no cooldown its easy to just put a new one down. While the monster deals with the bug the Slim will put more distance between himself and the incapped so the monster has no choice but to let one escape, meaning dragged out, boring games unles you go for slim first.
You can already basically do this, but its up to your personal skill to delay the monster enough to sneak an ally up.

Tl dr; It will be abused as a gamestaller, which creates more boring games as a result.

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I’ve always thought of it but in hind-sight it would be bad, kill Slim, Support gets up, support revives Slim, then they run away happily together.

I think if the Monster kills Slim before the bug gets the revive then the Monster wins. Like that, no bullshit.

Then again my opinion is slightly bias because Slim is the most OP piece of shit.

@MidnightRoses Opinion on the matter?

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My whole thing is that if Slim and… Let’s say Hank are the last two, and the monster incaps Hank he could easily stay and kill him, then chase down Slim since he leaves footprints and can’t cloak.

And if that doesn’t work and you down Slim you can still kill and eat him before support can get to you.

So what’s the difference between Slim and Caira, or Val? Why should he have an advantage over them in this sense? Leave that to the supports.

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… What?

Slim’s healing bug can already heal hunters from ANYWHERE across the map, and can cancel the monsters smelling.

Caira can move faster than any other medic and has DOT.

Val can tranquilize the monster and can put massive weak spots on it.

Lazarus can resurrect hunters without strikes and turn invisible.

Every medic has an advantage over the others in some way. Hell, EVERY hunter of ANY class has an advantage in some ways.

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Ya but why should he have a bigger advantage?

I think the case is so rare (last player being medic AND Slim WITH someone else still alive but down WHILE the downed player is far enough away to not take damage) that I would justify preventing the match from ending when the bug is out. (edit: It could make for some awesome clutch plays :smiley: )

With that being said, I think the hours it would take to implement this feature would be better off spent in other areas.

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Slim already has the healing bug trick when he is the only one alive, as long as he stays alive until that person is ressed(Or the monster focuses that person down=escape for slim)

Caira can’t outrun the monster with just her speed burst, and the dot helps her escape how?

Tranqing the monster won’t help Val live much longer. Weak spots helps her escape how?

Lazarus can turn invisible, yes. It’s a nice side effect to be able to cloak away like a support, but this is also why I excluded him.

So, once again. Why should Slim be able to get a free pass at getting away?

This is what I’m referring to, if that was somehow unclear.

Getting away? The ability to revive the last incapped hunter after death wouldn’t be helping Slim get away. It would be his last resort method at preventing the monster from winning.

And why does he need that, when other medics don’t have that boon? He has enough utility. There’s literally no point other than griefdelaying inevitable defeat.

I can’t really continue discussing this topic because I’m in my Digital 3D class. However I am still up for debating later, if you’d like.

When you’re down you are technically dead, they won’t delay the win just because you’re being healed. There are two states of being, active or incapped/dead. If you’re not alive you’re not alive, game over.

The monster downs Slim.

Nobody else is on their feet.

Doesn’t matter how close you were to a revive, you lost fair and square.

…My main concern is how it’s impossible to lose with Slim and Hank. >.>

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I think it’s the same thing as when you lose as Laz in rescue, even though you can still Rez that survivor

Caira has her mid air revives on herself, this is kind of like slims version of that


But she cant delay the game without effort. This would not be the same. It would just be forcing the monster to down Slim first, and the less options of strategy you have, the less fun the game becomes.

I’ve yet to see a good argument for why this should be a thing.
I’ve yet to see a good argument for why Slim should have this ability, considering he’s plenty strong.

Because the team still has a chance at winning if the bug is on a downed player, and this is the same aspect as daisy has, but for daisy if all the hunters go down, she stil has a chance to pick them up before the team gets a loss, but slims bug does not

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