Why does the majority of middle-aged women cut their hair?


Don’t get me wrong, both long and short hair can look great on all kind of ages but I’m wondering why the majority decides to shorten their hair after reaching a certain age.


If you mean the “Can I talk to the manager please” hairstyle, that’s not the majority bro :stuck_out_tongue:


It helps to slow bald spots/balding from forming and their hair from falling out more and in turn looking very thin.


hair loss



I really thought this was gonna be a really bad topic, pleasantly suprised.

It might have to do with them going for a more practical hairstyle


Becuase she already married me and she doesn’t care anymore? :wink:


You know what, I’m so glad somebody else asked this. It’s been on my mind too, as well as why the majority of male students grow their hair down to their shoulders. Why? I never did.


My guesses would be.

Hair loss?Could be a thing.

The longer the hair the more time-treatment they need?


I was too lazy and or didnt feel like cutting my hair


Why does the majority of young dudes wear t-shirts that are one size too small and only have 1/2 arm length?

Just came to my mind when I read the title.


Not sure what the middle age area is, but my wife is about erm 32? She had long hair down her back, but recently cut it :’( My fault though. She was pushing me to get a hair cut since it was getting rather long and part literally stabbed my eye - also not good for appearances in my office I guess. So I said, “I’ll cut my hair when you cut yours lols” The next day we were at supercuts… She now has a short pony tail and my hair…I…I can’t talk about it :’(


Yeah well short hair doesn’t mean bad.I mean have you seen Scarlet Johansson?Dat short hair looks very good imo


Yeah I miss my wife’s long hair, but first time I seen the super-short-almost-not a pony tail I was hooked lol So cute! First time in the years I had known her that I seen her with hair that short lol!


Hey, I love my long, curly hair!


Eh, short hair made me look younger. Maybe its to make theirselves look younger.
I do like my relatively long hair at the moment now…
But I’m not middle-aged. Shh.


Shhhhh :wink: I won’t tell


Good dogbeastsaurus.


:wink: lol can’t decide what I am?


That wasn’t a reference to Hyde at all :c


Oh sorry ;-; slipped passed me that joke did…
I need more Coffee
Hyde is great isn’t he :smile: