Why does Slim need pants?


Like he’s so cool I wanna see how he works…
Does he really need them? I mean tarvold doesn’t wear pants.

Stop calling t4 hunters OP
Why does Slim *still* need pants? #TBT
You and three hunters are sitting at a bar
Slim is OP
Sooooooo I was thinking

Biological bottom half versus robotic bottom half.



Torvald’s bottom half is a machine. Slim is still flesh and I assume his anatomy is similar to that of a human.

Hence the pants.


Because I don’t think people like to see bug bits when they’re getting revived.


Perhaps he is well endowned for an insect and it ain’t hidden.


Awesome. I love this thread.

Slim is OP


The better question is, why is anyone wearing pants?


I see some sexy wraith and slim action in the near future


He stores his bug drones in his pockets and holsters his weapons on them.

Pants are amazing. Why leave home without them?



After reading through the wiki text i posted I found: The male external genitalia have been used widely to aid in distinguishing species. So OP´s interest is purely scientific; determining if Slim is more Dynastinae or Ptiliidae!
And how come @Shin isn´t in this thread by now?

@SledgePainter will love this thread :wink:


Val is one kinky hunter.


That’s the half that’s still human


Because I’m in games with Midnight. ^.^


That awkward moment when you realize Torvald is completely naked… You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Torvald is naked!

…I will never see Torvakd the same way again…

I like his design though.

Torvald is naked…Thank you, sir…


Realized that yesterday while watching twitch tier4 hunter gameplay! Was thinking Bucket might give him hormon injections?


Doesn’t sound so bad to me.