Why does Rogue Val feel so reliant on a good Trapper/Support?


Granted, I’m playing Legacy, but why does she feel so reliant on a good defensive Support or a good Trapper?

It feels like every time we engage a monster and I’m playing Rogue Val, I get completely shafted by the monster. Like, to say that I get focused twice as hard is an understatement. The monster hard focuses me, I am forced to pop the burst, and then my healing becomes completely subpar. The only way for me to survive is if I have a Hank or Sunny and a Griffin, Maggie, or Jack. I feel so helpless playing as her, so much more so than when I play as regular Val.

Am I just a bad Rogue Val? Do Legacy players feel the same? What about Stage 2 players? I feel like Rogue Val wouldn’t be as bad in S2 do to Mechanized Recharge and the new perks, but still.


I think monsters understand how to make RVal weaker, and in general that’s hard focus more than pretty much any other medic


Really all of the medics are support reliant unless a) you’re god tier dodger or b) monster not that great. Rval gets one get out of death free card, but then her passive healing is down for a long time after that and the monster has a lot of options either staying on rval or switching to whichever is more countering, the support or the trapper. Rval also about to get nerfed so…apparently the devs think she’s too strong.


This. Half the time, she’s entirely self-reliant; the other half, she needs support, or she’s going down. Though taking the Leadership perk on her might be crazy good.


What’s the Leadership perk do?


Lowers class ability cooldown time.


Ohhhhhhh, I like that.


I haven’t had the chance to use it, but I feel like on some characters, it’d be super brutal - like RV or maybe Caira.


Rogue Val + Leadership + Bucket = 2op plesNerf


I’ve used Bucket with her, and it’s really good. She pretty much gets 2 back to back heals, plus shields, while constantly being damaged.


Rogue Val’s AoE heal helps keep everyone else around her up - until she is focused enough to pop her own heal burst and that goes away. In actual combat her chain medgun is not really enough to keep a single focused hunter alive - there you rely on shields, kiting and damage pressure. So it’s really her AoE aura that does the bulk of her healing, at least in legacy.

I’ll also note that Rogue Val encourages a far more aggressive play style because of her poison darts and need to keep allies within her AoE range - it makes you want to keep those active at all times. It is very possible that when playing Rogue Val you are getting closer to the Monster than otherwise, and that is resulting in your getting focused more easily.

In general though, the medic and support are always the key links to keeping the team alive, and unless a Sunny is in play I tend to focus the Medic first. If the monster focuses a target, they are MEANT to go down eventually - the role of the team is to keep the focus up as long as possible, and punish the monster throughout. Trapper CC is meant to slow the monster enough that the focus can get away, shields and heals keep them alive, and the focus themselves needs to kite and dodge effectively to break monster combos. Absent this teamplay, an individual hunter is meant to go down fast, and two together won’t last TOO much longer - so to say medic is reliant on a good trapper/support pair is probably going to be true in any case, Rogue Val or not.

In Stage 2, her AoE heal combining with hunter passive heals and possibly further combining with a hunter regeneration perk… yeah, I can see why she might need some adjusting.


I play in stage 2 evolve. I get that feel when playing as Rogue Val, and a Wraith player is focusing on me, decoying and supernova in my face, one health burst is just not enough. I definitely go down quick if there’s no good support and trapper.
But I think stage 2 Rogue Val is definitely stronger than one in legacy evolve. Actually I think she is little bit too strong, especially in high level play with good team and perk.


Rouge Val with heal burst + Rocket boosters equals… Find the support.


so… her heal comes up faster than a stage 2 kraken can kill her with landing everything… no point in focusing her?


A S2 Kraken, with the right abilities leveled up, can 80% a hunter in one rotation. Considering his CD’s are a lot shorter then RVal’s Healing Field, I don’t think that’s true unless you either missed or the hunters had a Bucket.


hmmm nope. hank. and i did not miss :slight_smile:
i run 10+17% cdr… still hers was faster off cd than i could do 200% of her damage.

i guess either i should have saved the combo for right after she pops or focus hank.


You didn’t say Hank in the original complaint, so I assumed so.

If what you’re saying is true, then the only option would be that she had the elite wildlife perk that reduces hunter class CD’s.


i don´t think so. first one i caught her off guard and got a strike. second dome on stage 2 i did nothing, 3rd dome i managed to down her after i almost died… then i died :smiley:


She is fckin op. Go premade with a Bucket. You can heal yourself to full hp twice, so monster needs to burst you down 3 times, while bucket can give you shield twice and if he doesnt pop you atleast twice then your passive will always be up. My friend and me made a 16 win streak with this combo and non of us are founders, we only have level 1 golden perks and we played this level 20+ even againts some founder monsters. Rval is too stronk.


Are you talking to me?