Why does no one like support?


The domes are more often on your terms with bucket thanks to UAV tracking, often letting you know exactly where the monster was, of cause using the UAV at the right time was a skill in it’s self as it slows you down heaps if you are actively chasing.

Most trappers I found just didn’t get traversal as a hunter and would be super slow, they wouldn’t use jet pack dash at good times (or at all sometimes) and ended up with no fuel and hardly going anywhere.


I find that the biggest reasons why I lost with pugs was lack of damage. The assault was either bad and/or no one else tried hurting the monster and just played jet pack dodger 2014 when the monster wasn’t after them. (Or they spend 30 seconds and half their health fighting a tyrant/sloth)


Oh yeah, I know that feeling as Bucket. UAV and tell the trapper to cut the monster off (or to follow you as you do it). I feel like all supports can benefit greatly from a co-ordinated team, as Hank gets more DPS time and can co-ordinate orbital strikes for devastating effect while you can also reliably play Bucket without fear of needing to shield somebody. Luckily Bucket worked very well for me in pugs as his aggressive tracking and damage led to plenty of early wins before damage was a major concern.


The word support has a lot of in-grained connotations in the gaming community.
The players that have support tendencies would rather choose a class called medic.
The players that don’t have support tendencies would rather choose a class called assault.


I personally love support. He does an equal amount of damage to the monster and can assist the team (by defense as Bucket or as protecting them with Hank). The two main classes I played as in alpha was Support and Hunter (mainly didn’t play as others due to FPS issues).


exactly :stuck_out_tongue:


I love support as hank, it’s my second choice, first being medic


I was finishing making highlights of my stream today- watched 3 games with assaults doing exactly this.
Facepalm couldn’t sum it up.


I liked the Support class, I found it to be quite versatile, especially Hank, whom’s abilities vary considerably.


I think plenty of people like support but you could always look at this way; you should almost always get your favorite role if it’s not popular!


I like Support, but don’t like to play it! LOL. My reasoning is while playing as Support I didn’t know just what to do…I could go assault-ish and riddle the beast with bullets, or I could run defense and shield shield shield my teammates. However, I found this difficult to balance due to my personal preference of playing as Medic…so I found myself shielding more than I was damage-dealing and I think support needs to do both and do it well enough to actually make a good support to the team. The other classes are very focused on what they do to a tee, but support can play several ways…so it’s just easier, I find, to be any other class. That’s not to say I won’t be trying to be a good support player…I just find that class (for me) is going to be my most difficult because I’ll need to juggle my jobs during play.


Support (Hank) was my favorite character in both alpha tests. I know how to play the class, so it feels good to both land a heavy hit with Orbital Barrage as well as defend the team with the Shield Generator.

I have also noticed very few use the Shield Generator, so I prefer to have control over it.


Hank was also my favorite character! The more I played the more I realized why Support is the true anchor of your team.

I don’t think people understand how vital he is! just think about it for one sec!

  • If you want to catch a very slippery&alerted monster you need to approach him cloacked to reduce distance and reaction time for the monster to escape. Trappers depend a lot on Support to boost the chances to land that arena.

  • In the middle of a fight, Medics depend on Hanks shield to keep you alive, because theres no freaking way to survive to a monster max damage output (even on level 1) if he really focus you hard (unless you are assault ofc :smile:). Even if you are being healed with Val’s med gun it won’t matter! her heal is just too slow to stop the burst damage.

  • If a hunter is incapacitated the safest option is a “cloack run up & ress” when hes not around.

  • When a Monster stubbornly decides to ignore the whole team and just camp and lay damage on a incap Medic (to deny a ress), the only thing that will punish him if he decides to not let go of the poor medic, is a quick long range high burst source of damage! Who has this? Hank’s Orbital Barrage does :wink:.

That’s why for me Support is the anchor of the team and thats why whenever I played Goliath my first target would not be Medic but always Hank because:

  • He can’t shield himself and survive my damage burst.
  • He can’t really escape with cloack when in fire and even if he can for a brief moment he will suffer high cooldowns.
  • Once Hank is incap I don’t need to worry about orbital barrages and I can camp the body until hes dead. If any Hunter moves close they won’t have cloack (unless you have lazarus, but his cloack sucks anyway) and I can easily disrupt him of a ress with a quick charge and switch immediatly to the medic.
  • Once Hank is dead, theres no more reliable way to mitigate the monster burst damage and hunters will fall sooner or later (if I have a good HP margin).

So long story short, If you happen to have a Hank in your team, you better work your ass off to protect him otherwise you are in big mess.


I thought i was going to like support class, but my first game as hunters set me as a trapper instead of support. Now trapper is my favorite hunter class with support in second. :monster:


I hated Hank for two big reasons

  • The Laser Cutter. It never felt like it was worth getting off of the Shield Projector for. It dealt about as much damage as the Assault rifle by my estimate. Now I’m a very offensively minded player, it’s why I prefer Hyde to Markov and Griffin to Maggie, so having my primary weapon be most useful for getting rid of Reavers and Blitzers was a very big warning sign against the character
  • The Orbital Strike, More specifically the knockback. The Orbital Strike was devastating, it was a great way to manipulate monster movement. Unfortunately it was also great at manipulating hunter movement as well. The Knockback is no hindrance to a coordinated hunter team. But this is the Internetz. Coordination doesn’t happen. Several games I played were decided based on the Orbital, normally because one our teammates had called it down and we were caught in the knockback and seperated.

Cabot and Bucket look interesting though. But I just hated Hank. Hated Playing Him and Hated Playing with him.


Even though I love playing the medic, more. I enjoyed playing Hank and most of all, Bucket!
Don’t think you are alone in loving this class :wink:


I also like playing support. In fact, I like all of them with the assault being my least favorite, but only marginally. I just happen to be really good at cutting off the monster. So I fell more into a trapper role on my team because having the ability to Dome early and often was better than my ability to medic or support. It also hurt when I would medic/support and find the monster only to see my teammates 50-75m away :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all true. :support: is my #2 only after :medic:

The charts shown recently confirmed that :medic: was the least popular hunter class, to be expected. But that makes no mind to me. More medic for me!


I think that people generally recognise that support is one of the key roles of the game, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. Medic? Heal. Assault? Shoot stuff. Even the Trapper potentially was seen as just a hunter who puts down a dome.

But it’s always been clear (at least to me) that the support player has some key abilities that require more precise use, better timing, and that could have put people off who just wanted to get in to the game and try it out based on what they already know how to do.

I found my time as support enjoyable, though I had it low on preferences, but it was night and day clear that I’d need to really learn support to get the most out of it, more than other classes imo.


Didn’t the email show that support was the least favoured? Then again, that was Alpha stats. Perhaps it’s different with in-house games included. But yes, more support for me :slight_smile: though Assault might be number 1 just for Hyde.