Why does no one like support?


Support is my favorite hunter class, and i love it, but it appears im one of few. All the data shows nobody wants to play it, but why? I found it to be very fun ( landing a good barrage with hank is one of the most rewarding things in the game). So bassicallly i want to know why or why not you do or do not like support.


Maybe because a huge chunk of players played some type of game that has another meaning of ‘support’ and they did not like to play that often. So they mentally make a connecting with the support in evolve and the support in those games.


I feel that most good players gravitate more towards medic and trapper as they are the more immediate ways of helping the team the most. I also believe that Hank was a very great support, and I, among others, felt that Bucket could use a little more love. Out of all the hunters Bucket and Val were the only 2 that I felt could use a little more polish/love. Bucket being the larger of the two. Personally, I loved Hank, but I was better as a Trapper because I had a nose for cutting off the monster.


So your saying all support players arent as good?



Sure, why not :slight_smile: I’ll take the Bait :smiley:


I played with support as my main class. It is an entirely different playing style than the other classes. Currently due to the reason is that (imo) each support character is much different than characters among other classes. I honestly love it though and it fits my playing style.


Found a perfect example why people don’t like to play support in those games :slight_smile:


Id like to think im pretty good, i went 9-3 as monster, and 12-2 as a hunter(8-0 as support, winning 2 matches with clutch barrages)


Lol support had 4 percent less than some of the other classes. That’s not that serious. Plenty of people like support. I also think support was very different then what most people are used to.


I didn’t mean any sleight to the caliber of people playing support. I just felt that through my experience and a lot of what people say on the boards, people tended to gravitate more towards medic/trapper as they were the most immediate notification/gratification of doing well for your team. If people were dying a lot (Unless you were Laz) you weren’t doing it well as a medic. If you don’t dome/harpoon, you aren’t doing it as trapper. It’s easy to see where you stand as those two classes. If Trapper is the eyes, and the medic is the skin, the support is the backbone. They greatly enhance the rest of the body, but most of the times it’s not immediately apparent.


4% is like 50 000 - 100 000 people? :slight_smile:


I’d say that many good players would gravitate toward support for the same reason because supports often control the pace of a game (as tiresome as it can be in games like League if your ADC is daft). I also reckon most good players would try out everything first to decide what has the biggest impact. Honestly I’m inclined to say that they’d find Hank having a bigger impact than Val on first impression (mostly because the medgun heals so slowly and she has quite a few small things to do).

I think it’s just because of what support usually means in other games. Support certainly doesn’t suggest “second highest damage role” which might attract people the same way Assault does.


I know whay you meant, i was just throwing my own personal experiences out there


Personally, I always had support as my last choice because I felt like their role wasn’t as clear as everyone elses. As trapper I know I am supposed to be trapping the monster. That’s my job. As medic, I’m supposed to be healing. As Assault, I’m supposed to be the main damage dealer. As support I’m supposed to shield people/cloak people/deal damage/do other stuff and none of it seemed very specific. That’s not to say Support isn’t an important role and they have no job to do, but I personally didn’t enjoy them as much because I always felt like I had less purpose. When the game is released and I have more time to play I’ll probably get a better idea on supports job.


I really like playing the medic, but I’m so good at sticking to the monster like glue that it made sense for me to be the Trapper. :stuck_out_tongue:


I played Trapper more because I got sick of people who couldn’t land domes. But once I had a friend who could trap I was playing Bucket every game. I loved bucket so much with an organised team.

Basically, if monster focuses you, lead it to sentries, lay down damage with rockets, help you trapper with UAV just before the dome goes down. It was great. Most supports I saw in pub matches were playing hank, never used the shield and couldn’t land a orbital to save their lives and just shot with the lazer cutter. They probably just felt like a lower damage assault at that stage, making the class unappealing. People who actually wanted to ‘support’ from FPS games usually see the medic as their class, since Val made a lot of my friends go “TF2 MEDIC!!!” which I had to explain she wasn’t.


I really think that a good support is the most vital (Outside of possibly doming) class. However, I like that even with the assault, there is no throw a way class. Everyone needs to do their job or the hunters have a bad time.


My problem is that I like Bucket better as a Support over Hank.
But Hank has the shield projector, which I find to be necessary frankly.
So I just pick Medic or Assault to not have to deal with the duty of being Hank which I find less fun but more useful to the team dynamic then Bucket.


This is how I felt when I first picked it up. It was the last class I played (less to do with the role and more to do with character interest, have no idea why I didn’t like Hank or Bucket before). When playing as everything else the biggest offender towards team losses seemed to be a lack of shielding, in fact I barely remembered the Hank changing weapons. The moment I started playing him the sheer amount of immediate damage you could absorb made it feel like a huge gamechanger and a better medgun (in combat). The only thing that felt more important was the Trapper being able to dome the monster (though harpoon control is huge and I feel like Maggie should always be on her mine gun) but that was fixable by using team speak to tell the trapper to follow me as I cut off the monster.

Everybody does something big for their team in this game.


I would have loved yo try bucket, but i play on ps4, so i used pretty much support or monster in my very limited play time. I was very VERY close to getting bucket, bit just not enough time. While i was hank i would start by using a orbital, i got good enough with those to where they were hitting 80% of the time, then while assault had his shield up i would shoot the monster( unless someone needed my shield, then i would sheild them) and when assaults sheild ran out, i would shield him and tell him to get in there, unless someone else need sheilding. I also found myself to be very opprotune with the cloack.

I dont mean to be boastful or sound egotistical, but im pretty good at this game, ( or the competition was bad when i was both hunter or monster).