Why does no one jump when being jetpack boosted?


I really like playing as sunny but most of the time no one will jump while being boosted. Does this happen to you guys too?


It happens enough. A lot of people don’t notice the yellow/purple outline. That being said, I find that calling out when I’m about to boost or am boosting makes a big difference. A preface at the beginning of the game helps to so that people know what to expect.


Sometimes I don’t use it for strategic reasons, like when I’m the assault and it’s pointless to waste the boost, or when I’m the medic and for some reason unbeknownst to me, sunny wants to send me(the medic) to give the monster a hug instead of the trapper. Sometimes I just don’t know :expressionless:


Then Sunny is just being silly. She should be in a position to see more of the battlefield than you so when she boosts there ‘should’ be a good reason for it.


I still keep it on the assault when boxing the monster. First off, I can switch targets as fast as monster can. Secondly, your shield will run out. So will my drones. When you need the boost, you don’t have to wait.


Oh most certainly, I’m more referring to the sunny who for some ungodly reason just wants to send the medic nonstop miles ahead of the team, I have played with smart sunnys but I have played with many more, um…less than adequate ones as well.


Agreed. Nothing like seeing the monster, getting the green light and realizing she had 0.6378 seconds of charge. Or watching an assault fly ahead of me 30 yards like “yeah, you go Torvald! Dome that sum’bitch for me!”


sometimes its just bad aim when trapper assault and medic are too close to each other. Refrain from using it if you are not sure what to do with it.


Honestly, some people are dumb. Like the people whom think Hank’s Shield Projector somehow charges something.


Half the people i meet are noobs and dont even know what it is, but i guess its a good sign theres new people everywhere


I find it quite annoying. People should trust their Sunny. If she’s boosting, you should almost always use it. And worrying about its charge is not your job, that falls on Sunny. She’ll cut you off if it’s necessary.


You have to call out your boosts, that’s it. That makes them ‘idiots’ also learn how to use it.


I hate when im Laz and my cloak is activated, the beam gives away my position. Also, if im trying to heal a teammate and Sunny keeps beaming them away is tough. Just focus on the characters that need it most like Val or the trapper. Otherwise, I appreciate the boost


My question is: why do people playing Sunny always put the jetpack booster on you for like 1.5 seconds, then just when you notice the booster they turn it off? Don’t switch targets until your ammo is being depleted kplzthx.


The most annoying thing is when nobody actually jetpack dodges when being boosted, instead they hold the jetpack button and fly straight up, drains the battery like crazy :frowning: .


It does but it makes you non target for a few seconds. I only do this when im paying val though any other hunter i go up and over the monster.


The shield drone also shield you even if you are invisible.


More incentive to play Hank/Cabot. ^.^


As I play mostly trapper, if I don’t have a clear enough route , or if I need clues as to which direction the monster will/did head, I won’t boost. Otherwise if theres a laz and the monster abducts/rock throws/banshee mines a lot, I’ll opt to not boost and risk damage and/or a strike.

I do get the odd random boost from a sunny when I don’t really need it, and I can’t help but wonder, “wth do you want Sunny??”


Saving charge is good. Sometimes people only need one dodge. Sometimes the beam targets the wrong person.