Why does my monster ALWAYS LAGGGGGGG


Let me start with I have played evolve since alpha and still like the game a lot. Well down to the nitty gritty every time I attempt to use an ability the game lags out, then when the game catches up my target is on the other side of the dome already back to full health and my armor is gone with assault just beating me senseless. There has not been a day since launch that this hasn’t occurred to me while playing monster. I will have the hunters almost dead even though they are lagging around the map and it is getting very frustrating playing the game. While I am at it I keep getting signed out of my steam account randomly while playing and only playing evolve, this doesn’t happen when I am on any other steam game I own, but I will be enjoying a match and then suddenly the game minimizes or sign me out of my steam account disconnecting me from my match. I have 100 mega bits per second internet and it serves me just fine, so I can only come to the conclusion that evolve’s servers can’t handle what is going on or steam just selectively hates me and waits for the most opportune moment to strike.

on another note I did notice the lag went away substantially when I killed 2 hunters and completely when I killed the third.

So can someone throw me a bone here. I still love evolve I just needed to vent this because if this were to go away I would probably never get off this game.


Are you running on too high of settings? i used to run it on high, but I got the same kind of lag, and then dropping it down to medium, and setting shadows to the minimum, removed all of it


Yeah, could be your settings,
The monster have a higher field of view, and you got a much clearer view of the resulting effect from an attack, as opposed to the hunters that get hit and can only see parts of it, so more stuff is rendered on your screen.


my settings have been set to low since launch day. any other suggestions